Assimilate is a new Horror Sci-Fi movie that works really well. A small cast and a simple, but strong, story makes it all come together. If you like sci-fi horror movies, then be sure to check out this one – on Netflix now! Read more in our Assimilate review here!

Assimilate is a new horror sci-fi movie made with a relatively small budget. Sure, you might notice this where some effects are concerned, but it doesn’t really matter.

This sci-fi story is not about the effects. Instead, it’s about the horror of losing both yourself and everyone you love. It’s the good old “copy-paste” story that you may have seen a few times before. Still, with Assimilate is works so well that you really don’t mind seeing it again.

Don’t miss out on this little indie gem, if you’re a fan of horror sci-fi. Read more in our Assimilate review below!

Are you ready to be replaced?

Already from reading the plot, you will know that this sci-fi horror movie is about people being copied and replaced. Also, tiny insect-looking creatures seem to be everywhere all of a sudden.

However, the tiny creatures are one thing. There are also some larger creatures that bite you and this is when everything begins. Once bitten, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before a copy of you will appear.

This does get very creepy, very fast! Obviously, they’re not perfect copies in the sense that they can’t quite manage to act like the original. However, the real problem is the fact that once a copy is made, the original has to be destroyed. In that sense, Assimilate is definitely a survival story!

Also, the more copies are roaming the streets, the less it seems to matter that they act more like robots than humans. Of course, this does also have its advantages but you’ll have to watch Assimilate to find out what they are.

Assimilate (2019) Review - Horror Movie

Up-and-coming trio stars in Assimilate

The one thing that makes Assimilate work so damn well is the small leading cast. The three young actors at the heart of the story are faces you probably know – even though they’re still relatively young.

First, there’s Joel Courtney who you should recognize from the 2011 J.J. Abrams movie Super 8. Of course, Joel Courtney was just a kid back, but you can still recognize him easily. You may also recognize him from the CW series The Messengers. In Assimilate he delivers a very solid and engaging performance.

Next, we have Calum Worthy as his best friend. If you watched the true crime series The Act on HBO (based on the life of Gypsy Blanchard), then you’ll recognize him from his stellar performance in this. Also, he was in the Netflix series American Vandal and he’s in the YouTube Original horror drama The Thinning: New World Order.

Finally, we have Andi Matichak who you will recognize as Allyson from the 2018 Halloween movie. Because, if you’re a horror fan, you have to watch that movie. Yes, she was none other than the granddaughter of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis).

Assimilate (2019) Review - Horror Movie

Watch Assimilate on Netflix now – it’s well worth your time!

Yes, Assimilate is definitely a movie that is worth your time. And not just because it has a crisp runtime of just around 90 minutes. It does actually run a bit long towards the end, which is the only drawback of this movie.

Assimilate was directed and co-written by John Murlowski. This is his 25th movie as a director and while I may have watched some of his previous movies, this is definitely my favorite of his.

The co-writer of the script is Steven Palmer Peterson. He is no newcomer either since this is his 15th movie as a writer. And yes, John Murlowski and Steven Palmer Peterson have worked together on productions in the past as well. Including the movies Christmas Mail and Zombie Hamlet (both are listed as comedies).

Once again, whatever the filmmakers have made in the past, Assimilate is certainly worth watching for anyone who enjoys horror sci-fi movies. Be sure not to miss out on this little indie treat!

Assimilate is out on Netflix from October 25, 2019. 


DIRECTED BY: John Murlowski
WRITTEN BY: John Murlowski and Steven Peterson
CAST: Joel Courtney, Calum Worthy, Andi Matichak, Katherine McNamara, Cam Gigandet


Best friends Zach (Joel Courtney, THE KISSING BOOTH), Randy (Calum Worthy), and Kayla (Andi Matichak, HALLOWEEN) discover that their neighbors are being killed and replaced by perfect copies of their victims.  Their only chance to survive is to covertly record the invasion in a desperate attempt to warn the world.

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