Aaron’s Blood is one of the more innovative vampire movies in recent years. Imagine if becoming a vampire could be reversed? That’s what a father attempts to do for his son.

Aaron’s Blood is something as unique as a vampire indie movie. Not the crazy kitsch style, but the intense and dramatic kind. Both are interesting, but the latter is definitely a rarety.

In fact, it seems like zombie stories get more of the dramatic twist. Both in movies such as Maggie which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin and TV shows like The Walking Dead.

Sure, we reviewed one recently with the amazing The Transfiguration, which was an indie vampire themed movie. However, with Aaron’s Blood we get a real vampire movie.

And yes, we do love our indie horror movies here at Heaven of Horror. This also means we have no problem with low budget productions as long as the story is good. And with Aaron’s Blood, the story works really well. Especially thanks to James Martinez! He is absolutely amazing in the title role of Aaron. You feel for him and root for him all the way through.

Aaron’s Blood is about a father’s love

The fact that James Martinez works so well in this movie, is paramount for its success. The heart of the story is the love his character has for his son. And really, if someone you loved suddenly got infected with a vampire virus, wouldn’t you do anything you could to save them?

We don’t do spoilers, so I won’t get further into this concept. I will, however, say again that the story works really well.

I must admit that I wasn’t crazy about the portrayal of the son by actor Trevor Stovall (son of director Tommy Stovall). For the most part, he does manage to do so very convincingly.

Unfortunately, there are just a few scenes that feel a bit “off key”. Nothing that ruins the story, but obviously enough for me to mention it here.

Aarons Blood review - vampire indie movie horror
Please, do keep in mind that Aaron’s Blood is a low budget production. I say this only because the sound is less than stellar in a few scenes. This is usually the sign of a lower budget, which – in turn – makes you appreciate just how important and difficult awesome sound is.

Rising star James Martinez

If the star of Aaron’s Blood, James Martinez, seems familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen him in small movie roles or guest starring on a TV show. Most recently, he was in an episode of The Good Fight and a few episodes of the Netflix show One Day at a Time. Also, he’s in eight episodes of the 2017 season of House of Cards. 

In other words, he is on a well-deserved roll right now, so expect to see a lot more of James Martinez in the future.


Aaron’s Blood was written and directed by Tommy Stovall, and this is his third movie as a writer and director. I haven’t watched any of his previous productions, but after watching this one, I think I’ll give them a chance.

The movie premiered at the first ever International Vampire Film & Arts Festival in Transylvania in May 2016.

Aaron’s Blood will be out in limited US theater release on June 2, 2017. And just a few days later (on June 6), it will be out on DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD.


Director: Tommy Stovall
Writer: Tommy Stovall
Cast: James Martinez, Trevor Stovall, Michael Chieffo, David Castellvi, Farah White



When single father, Aaron, discovers his 12-year-old hemophiliac son is infected with vampire blood, he fights to save him.

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