THE RIFT is episode 5 of the Apple TV Plus AMAZING STORIES reboot. It’s also the series finale for season 1. This is a classic episode for the series, which should satisfy some fans. Read our The Rift review here and check out the full season on Apple TV+ now!

The Rift is the season 1 finale of the Amazing Stories reboot on Apple TV+. It’s episode 5 and once again, we’re dealing with an adventure-style story. Compared to the first four episodes of season 1, this is mostly along the lines of episode 1. And also a bit along the lines of episode 3 since a young boy is one of the lead characters.

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Casting in Amazing Stories episode 5

As with most other episodes of Amazing Stories on Apple TV Plus, the cast is full of familiar faces. After all, this is still a Steven Spielberg production.

For The Rift episode, we get Austin Stowell in one of the leading roles. I’m really happy to see him again since he made quite the impression in Swallow (2019). Even if he wasn’t the one you should remember most from that particular movie – which we highly recommend. Read our review of Swallow here.

Also in episode 5 is the always amazing Kerry Bishé co-stars. If the name isn’t familiar, the face sure should be. She co-starred in the extremely underrated TV series Halt and Catch Fire. Also, she was in Argo (2012), the sci-fi horror movie Rupture (2016) and the Netflix sci-fi movie How It Ends (2018).

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We’ll see Kerry Bishé in another TV series soon since she’s in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. The Penny Dreadful spin-off series will premiere on Showtime on April 26, 2020. After watching her in this Amazing Stories episode, you’ll be ready to see her again soon. Not that this is an amazing episode, but she’s always good.

Finally, episode 5 of Amazing Stories does also star a child once again – which is perfect for the whole adventure thing. This time it’s Duncan Joiner who is also in Tales from the Loop. That’s the new sci-fi series from Amazon Prime Video that premieres on the same day as The Rift episode.

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Amazing Stories: The Rift [S1, E5] – Apple TV Plus Review

The ending of The Rift episode

Most of the plot in this Amazing Stories episode is very much by the playbook you’ve come to know from previous episodes. Most plot twists are obvious from a mile away and I’m okay with that.

For The Rift episode, the ending was a bit too cute and fluffy for me. Sure, it’s thrilling and exciting but it’s also very predictable. There are so many elements that could have had just the tiniest bit of edge. You know, just to cut the sweetness a little bit.

For the record, the Apple product placement in this episode is on the grotesque side. I mean, the Apple logo is front and center at times where it just feels weird. In fact, the best and brightest are literally working on Apple computers in the pouring rain. I seriously doubt that’s something they recommend you try at home.

Watch The Rift on Apple TV+ now!

The Rift was directed by Mark Mylod who previously directed episodes of such prominent series as Game of Thrones, Succession, and Shameless. And we’re talking multiple episodes of all these. Mark Mylod directed six episodes of Game of Thrones. Including some of the highest-rated.

Richard Rayner and Don Handfield wrote the screenplay for this season 1 finale of the Amazing Stories reboot. Of course, we don’t know that there will be more seasons, so maybe it’s the series finale. Time will tell.

Anyway, Richard Rayner and Don Handfield co-created the TV series Knightfall on the History Channel, so they’re certainly familiar with the format. Even if Amazing Stories is more of an anthology with very separate stories almost in the form of short stories.

As a season finale, The Rift isn’t the best choice. I would definitely have gone with the previous episode instead. Then again, this last episode is surely full of magic and wonder which makes it perfect for Amazing Stories.

The Rift is out on Apple TV Plus as episode 5 of Amazing Stories from April 3, 2020.


Director: Mark Mylod
Writer: Don Handfield, Richard Rayner
Stars: Edward Burns, Kerry Bishé, Austin Stowell, Duncan Joiner, Juliana Canfield


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