OLD PEOPLE on Netflix is a new horror movie from Germany. There’s a good story in there somewhere but the execution is lacking. It’s too slow, too long, and has side stories that should’ve been cut. Read our full Old People movie review here!

OLD PEOPLE is a new Netflix horror movie from Germany. As soon as I read the plot, it reminded me of the Spanish horror movie The Elderly that just played at Fantastic Fest 2022. However, unlike the Spanish movie, this one doesn’t utilize its core concept nearly well enough.


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As a horror movie, it has some really good moments. Unfortunately, they’re just too few and way too far apart. Still, these moments show you just how good this German horror movie could have been.

Continue reading our Old People movie review below. The film is out on Netflix from October 7, 2022.

A solid core concept gets lost

There is no doubt that Old People has an essential message about how we treat our elderly. And we’re not just talking about old people with no family. Neither are the old people estranged or alienated from their loved ones. Their younger family members are simply too busy with their own lives.

Finally, there is a strong comment on nursing homes and senior living spaces in general. Sure, this is a horror movie and everything is even more grotesque than (most, I would hope) real-life situations. Still, the core concept about old people being mistreated and suddenly fighting back – to say the least – is strong and important.

However, this core story does get somewhat lost between a supernatural element (which isn’t really covered) and stupid personal drama that does nothing to further the core plot.

Old People (2022) – Review | Netflix Horror

When it works, it works really well

As much as I ultimately disliked the Netflix horror movie Old People, I do want to recognize the moments of pure horror that worked really well. And yes, we are talking scenes of murder and mutilation in this case.

First, there’s the opening scene which certainly sets the stage for a movie that then goes on the back burner for the most part of the first half. Then the movie really kicks into gear again after the 40-minute mark, where two of the most brutal murders take place.

After that, you sort of know what to expect. But you won’t be getting any real explanation about the how and why of it all. Not in terms of this sudden widespread event that seems to affect all old people. And that little side bit about the new girlfriend of the dad?! Ugh, just leave that stuff on the cutting room floor.

Again, it takes away from the real story and becomes something else entirely.

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Andy Fetscher is the writer and director of the Netflix horror movie Old People. Previously, he also directed the 2011 horror movie The Depraved which won several awards at Screamfest and was nominated at a few film festivals. Also, he’s worked on TV series in both crime and children’s programming.

While this definitely doesn’t fall into the latter category, it does have kids in key roles. I’m fine with that since it makes perfect sense. I just wish the movie had been more accomplished overall.

You probably won’t recognize that many actors (unless you’re very familiar with German TV series). However, one of the main characters, the mom of the two kids we follow, is portrayed by Melika Foroutan who was in the Netflix series Tribes of Europa.

Look, if you’re in the mood for a new horror movie, then you can absolutely give this one a shot. It has a few good moments but just had the potential for so much more. Personally, I would start by watching the new Mike Flanagan series The Midnight Club which is released on the same day.

Old People premieres on Netflix on October 7, 2022.


Director: Andy Fetscher
Writer: Andy Fetscher
Cast: Melika Foroutan, Stephan Luca, Anna Unterberger, Otto Koch, Bianca Nawrath, Paul Fasnacht


Ella is on the way back to her hometown with her kids for her sister’s wedding. The remote little village has changed a lot since she left: young people have long moved away, leaving mostly the old folks behind, seemingly forgotten by the rest of the world. When a huge thunderstorm hits the little town the night of the wedding, the residents of a retirement home start behaving strangely. Led by a giant retiree, a group of elderly inmates attacks the young caretakers with horrific brutality. Following a blackout, they break down the security doors and escape into the cold rain. The music attracts them to the wedding where soon Ella will have to fight for her family’s survival.

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