The first time Stephen King’s Pet Sematary was made into a movie, was back in 1989 when Mary Lambert made an adaptation that has now become an iconic horror movie.

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Besides directing Pet Sematary and Pet Sematary 2 (back in 1989 and 1992 respectively), Mary Lambert has been working mostly on TV movies and TV series (most recently on The Blacklist) and music videos, where she made quite a few for Madonna. The latter is something she has in common with David Fincher.

This time around the 1983 novel will be made into a new movie, which also seems to be called a remake of the movie. Right now it’s very difficult to get anything confirmed, since most “news” are basically rumors. However, the supposed script writer for this new version of Pet Sematary is out with some statements that has us all hoping. It’ll be interesting to see how much this new movie will be similar to Mary Lambert’s horror classic or if we’re getting a completely fresh adaptation.

Dread Central spoke with screenwriter, Jeff Buhler (The Midnight Meat Train), recently to try and get some news and he gave away quite a few interesting details. Not only has casting begun, but he expects that it could take a while to get the cast they want.

Apparently, they’re looking to attach some bigger names, which means the budget for the film is probably looking to be quite big. Then again, this is a horror tale with extreme recognition, so it should be highly anticipated – and able to pull in great numbers at the box office.

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Also, according to Buhler, this version will be a lot more scary, but of course, anything is relative and since 1989 the style of horror movies has changed many times over. It does sound very intriguing though.

Buhler wrote the script for the Pet Sematary remake with Juan Carlos Frensadillo (28 Weeks Later), who is now also set to direct the film. As of right now, none of this can be confirmed by IMDb, but it seems like pre-production is moving ahead for Pet Sematary, which is certainly good news for anyone craving more of this classic Stephen King horror story.

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