We already have a pretty amazing Morgan trailer, but this new one is still a very valid addition. And it’s actually creepier!

When making a movie like Morgan, which is described as an “AI horror thriller”, it makes perfect sense to ask an AI to make a trailer for said movie. 20th Century Fox thought so, too. That’s why they asked IBM if their AI “Watson” could make a trailer for Morgan.

The result is quite different from the original Morgan trailer. And that’s not a bad thing. Basically, this is creepier in many ways.

There’s no doubt that Watson knows how to terrify us, and hopefully Morgan can do the same, when it’s out in US theaters on September 2, 2016.

You can read a lot more about Morgan in the story we did regarding the first trailer here! The movie stars the amazing Anya Taylor-Joy, who already impressed horror fans everywhere in The Witch.

Check out the new Morgan trailer made by IBM’s Watson, which also includes a bit of background information on how Watson made it:

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