Fantasia 2019 is coming soon and we cannot wait. Here’s our list of 5 Must-Watch Thriller and Horror Movies at Fantasia 2019!

Fantasia 2019 is easily one of the best things about the summertime for any fan of genre films.

This summer, you don’t want to miss the thriller and horror movies at Fantasia 2019. The selection is pretty awesome, to say the least! To make it easier for you, we’ve included the plot as well as a trailer (if available) for each movie, so you can get right to it.

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Fantasia International Film Festival 2019 takes place from July 11 through August 1, 2019.

If you don’t know what to watch, find our must-see selection for Fantasia 2019 below.

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5 movies to watch at Fantasia 2019:

Daniel Isn’t Real

Daniel Isn’t Real is a psychological thriller and body horror all in one. The movie stars Mary Stuart Masterson and Patrick Schwarzenegger (and yes, he’s the son of Arnold).

College freshman Luke has to leave his mentally ill mother behind and live his own life. He quickly realizes his social ineptitude and his inability to deal with his problems, and turns to the most unlikely of places for help — his childhood imaginary friend Daniel.

A perfect doppelganger to Luke, Daniel’s slick, bold confidence and charm seeps into Luke’s life, turning him from dud to stud. But Daniel’s audacious and grandiose exterior quickly begins to crack, revealing an increasingly sadistic and violent core. As Daniel’s stranglehold on Luke’s psyche tightens, Luke starts to question who, or what, Daniel really is…

Daniel Isn't Real

Door Lock

Door Lock is a Korean remake of Spanish Jaume Balagueró’s creepy Sleep Tight, which won the Best Screenplay award at Fantasia 2012.  

Kyung-min lives a quiet life, seemingly content with the routine her job provides and the safety of her busy apartment complex, until one day, when she begins to suspect that someone tried to break into her home. Given the mounting evidence and an imminent threat to her life, Kyung-min repeatedly seeks help only to be rebuffed at every turn.

As the situation turns deadly, she finds she has no choice but to take matters into her own hands.

Door Lock


Freaks is a genre-bending “mystery box” sci-fi thriller starring Emile Hirsch and Bruce Dern. 

At seven years old, bright, lively little Chloe has never set foot outside the dilapidated suburban house she lives in with her loving yet seemingly unhinged father. “You’ve got to be a good hider, otherwise the bad guys will find you,” her daddy says.

Fully trusting of his boundless protectiveness, Chloe is just a girl after all — and it’s getting harder to resist the sweet, enticing melody of ol’ Mr. Snowcone’s ice-cream truck beyond the door. Crossing over to a strange world that will feel just as unfamiliar to the viewer, she discovers a divided society where normalcy has taken on a new meaning.


Little Monsters

Little Monsters is a Zombie Horror-Comedy starring Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o. We loved her in Jordan Peele’s Us and so we know she’s good in the horror genre. Little Monsters should be one of the most talked-about movies of Fantasia 2019. 

Dave is a deadbeat boyfriend, set on living his teenage dreams of making it as a musician, at the expense of every other aspect of his life. When he finds himself estranged from his friends and girlfriend, he has no choice but to fall back on his sister’s support. With her, he attempts, as best he can, to help care for his nephew.

As he drives him to school, he meets his nephew’s teacher Miss Caroline and it’s love at first sight. He volunteers to chaperone a school trip with her and so they go, blissfully unaware their excursion will bring them, and a group of small children, right into the heart of a zombie outbreak.

Little Monsters

The Lodge

The Lodge is from the filmmakers of Goodnight Mommy which you cannot forget if you’ve watched it. And you really should! The directors are back with a new chilling horror movie, starring Riley Keough, Alicia Silverstone, and Jaeden Lieberher (IT). If Goodnight Mommy is any indication of what to expect, The Lodge will be very popular at Fantasia 2019.

Richard Marsh is an acclaimed non-fiction author whose focus has been on extreme Christian cults. Over the course of his research, he has fallen in love with Grace, the sole survivor of a sect’s mass suicide. Consequently, he’s in the process of a divorce from his wife, Laura.

Much to the outrage of his children, Aidan and Mia, Grace soon becomes Richard’s fiancé. They refuse to accept her as their stepmother. Given Grace’s baggage when it comes to her own relationship with family, this poses no small problem. They head to a remote lodge in the dead of winter to celebrate Christmas together. Soon, a blizzard descends. Inexplicable, terrifying things begin to happen.

The Lodge
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