Imagine hiring a company to make your scariest horror fan dreams come true. Sounds pretty awesome, right? That’s what happens in Fear, Inc. and here’s the brand new trailer for it!

Of course, there’s no happy ending in the Fear, Inc. horror experience. As the characters find out, the horror fantasies will quickly turn the fun into something very serious and bloody! Described as Scream meets Cabin in the Woods, we’re bound for one Hell of a ride!

In other words, this movie could be everything we wished The Blackout Experiments would be, but most certainly was not!

Fear, Inc. is directed by Vincent Masciale and written by Luke Barnett. It stars Lucas Neff, Caitlin Stasey, Chris Marquette, Stephanie Drake, Patrick Renna, Eric Lange, Naomi Grossman, Mark Moses, and Abigail Breslin.

Here’s the story we’ll be enjoying in the movie:

 Fear, Inc. (2016) What if there was a company you could call that, for a premium, will bring your fears to life. You don’t have to leave your house, your office, or your vacation; the scares are customized to your tastes and arrive at your doorstep when you least expect them. But, like texting an ex at 2am, what sounds like a great idea at the time can end up getting you killed.

When horror movie enthusiast Joe Foster (Neff) and his girlfriend, Lindsey Gains (Stasey), are handed a business card for such a company, Joe’s curiosity gets the best of him. As the Fear, Inc., experience seemingly begins, scares start popping up right out of Joe’s favorite horror movies, quickly turning him into a kid in a candy store. If the kid was a self-righteous thirty-year-old and the candy store was the prop room from SAW, that is.

After a friend explains the company’s dangerous reputation, his roller coaster of a journey goes from lighthearted fun to uncomfortably realistic as things take a major turn for the worse. Joe’s sense of reality spirals out of control as he’s forced to take responsibility for his actions, no matter the cost.

Fear, Inc. will be out on VOD October 21, 2016, and we can’t wait to enjoy it this Halloween.

Watch the crazy trailer for Fear, Inc. below:

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