The duo behind the horror short film viral hit Selfie From Hell is back with a new short: Demon’s Dawn

The new short film Demon’s Dawn is the result of the one-man-one-woman-team consisting of Meelah Adams and Erdal Ceylan – also known under the name Fuck you Zombie. They’ve done everything themselves, which obviously means hard work, but also added experience and full creative freedom. And what’s not to like about that?!

This time around, there’s a new story and tone, which was important to the filmmakers, since they knew making a “look-a-like” copy of their previous hit wouldn’t make anyone happy anyway.

But once again, they manage to set a very creepy tone within the first few seconds. It might sound simple, but that’s hardly the case. Also, since it’s a short film, you really can’t take your time with this sort of thing.

Meelah Adams stars in the short film, which does give it a bit of familiarity for those of us, who loved Selfie From Hell, where she also starred as the unfortunate selfie-taker. Unlike their previous short, this one is made entirely without any dialogue to keep it relevant on a global level.

Demon’s Dawn is focused on a simple – but truly creepy – case of demonic possession, which happens by a very unfortunate accident. Good thing it isn’t really candle light season right now – you’ll know what I mean as soon as you watch the short, which is just under 3 minutes.

Watch the full short film Demon’s Dawn right here:

Other than releasing this new short film, the duo is focused on making the feature film version of Selfie From Hell and hoping to win the biggest video award in their native Germany – the German Video Award called the WebVideoPreis – which you can help them win, since it’s a competition based on the most votes.

Want to help Selfie From Hell along with a vote? Just click right here!

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