Fantasia 2024 is running from July 18 through August 4, 2024. As usual, we’re covering the genre movies at the Fantasia International Film Festival. Here’s our pick of 5 Horror Movies To Watch at Fantasia 2024!

Fantasia 2024 is always a part of my Summer To-do list. And frankly, that’s one of the best parts of my “job”; Covering most of the horror, thriller, and sci-fi movies at the Fantasia International Film Festival.

We have been crawling through the list of genre movies to see what Fantasia is offering this year. And so we’ve picked five genre titles that we’re really looking forward to watching at Fantasia 2024.

Mark your calendar for the Fantasia International Film Festival 2024, scheduled from July 18 to August 4, and dive into our must-watch selection below.

5 horror movies to watch at Fantasia 2024:

AZRAEL (Samara Weaving)


When I see the combination of screenwriter Simon Barrett and actress Samara Weaving, I’m all in. Simon Barret gave us YOU’RE NEXT as well as THE GUEST and Samara Weaving is always kick-ass fantastic! On top of that, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (FEMME) is a great addition.


In a post-apocalyptic world, Azrael (Samara Weaving) must fight tooth and nail to rescue her partner from a cult of mute religious fanatics in the year’s most VICIOUS tale of revenge!

Canadian Premiere

HELL HOLE (2024) Adams Family


The Adams Family has always delivered interesting and different movies, so I expect nothing else from their new movie, Hell Hole. It is their fourth horror feature following THE DEEPER YOU DIG, HELLBENDER, and WHERE THE DEVIL ROAMS.


In this indie rock’n’roll monster movie from the makers of HELLBENDER, a fracking crew uncover a monster growing inside a 200 year old soldier. It tears through the men on site in search of a new womb.

International Premiere

Shelby Oaks (2024) Horror


A successful Kickstarter campaign and executive producers such as Aaron B. Koontz, Ashleigh Snead, and Mike Flanagan, had us keeping an eye on Shelby Oaks.


Years after her sister’s mysterious disappearance, Mia retraces her ghost-hunting sister’s final path in this spooky supernatural debut from YouTube creator Chris Stuckmann.

World Premiere

THE SOUL EATER (2024) Horror


The horror duo Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo have previously made horror movies such as INSIDE and THE DEEP HOUSE. So, the results have been a bit uneven but always brutal! Still, we’re looking forward to their new movie, The Soul Eater.


The latest from the creators of INSIDE is a tense procedural thriller set in a French village plagued by bizarre murders and child vanishings, starring Virginie Ledoyen.

North American Premiere

ODDITY (2024) Horror


Oddity is said to be one of the scariest and most imaginative films you’ll see anywhere this year! It is made by Damian McCarthy (Caveat) and stars Carolyn Bracken (YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER) so we’re pretty psyched about this one.


A blind medium uncovers the truth behind her sister’s death with the help of a frightening wooden mannequin.

Canadian Premiere

Remember to check back here for all our Fantasia 2024 reviews when it all begins on July 18, 2024!

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