Want the 1899 Season 1 ending explained? We’ve tried to answer the most asked questions regarding the first season of the Netflix sci-fi series. Here’s our take on the Netflix 1899 series ending. *SPOILERS*

Want the Netflix series 1899 season 1 ending explained? Yeah, we did too, so we’ve been looking into it and we’ve got you covered. Well, to a degree anyway, since there are many unanswered questions by the end of 1899 season 1. No doubt, there will be many more answers (and questions) when season 2 comes.

When we started watching the screeners of this new German sci-fi series, before it was released on Netflix, we knew there would be questions. Since its release, we’ve seen multiple questions regarding the 1899 season 1 ending and plot.

Obviously, this post will be full of spoilers regarding key plot elements from the 1899 series.

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Netflix series 1899 season 1 ending explained

Let’s get into the 1899 season 1 ending by answering some of the most asked questions. Maybe we’ll answer a few of yours along the way, as well.

Was it all just a simulation?

In a word, yes, everything in 1899 season 1 is just a simulation. Not only were they all inside a simulation of the real world, but they also were not even on the planet Earth anymore. Instead, they’re floating through space, heading for their new home.

Who is the creator of the simulation?

In the final episode, it was revealed the simulation was created by Maura and Daniel, in order to keep their dying son alive forever. However, much has been “revealed” by people we can’t exactly trust, so this could easily change.

It’s also revealed that the simulation was now being run by Maura’s brother, Ciaran. A character we never meet, but who could easily be someone we’ve met inside the simulation.

Who is alive in reality?

We can assume that everyone we see on the spaceship, during the final scene of 1899 season 1, is alive. However, the spaceship was revealed to be huge, so more people from the simulation could easily be alive.

What is the key?

In order to shut down the simulation they would need a code. It was later revealed that a key would fit inside the black pyramid Elliot had been carrying. But Daniel changed the code so that the black pyramid no longer worked when the key was inserted.

Instead, he made a new pyramid, and Maura’s wedding ring was the key that ended the simulation and woke Maura up to reality.

What is the black matter?

The black matter first shows up after Daniel has changed the code. So it seems to be a virus of some kind. This is the most logical explanation. Then again, anything and everything could be revealed to mean something else in season 2 (if it comes, which we don’t know for sure as of writing this).

Netflix Series 1899 Season 1 ending explained

Did Eyk die in the end?

Eyk was shut down by Sebastian (the first mate of the ship, who turned out to also be helping Maura’s father). However, we believe it’s fair to expect that he will be back in the next simulation.

After all, he was a main character in season 1 and is portrayed by one of the main characters from Dark, the Netflix series was also made by the 1899 creators.

Also, he was among the passengers on the spaceship in the end.

What’s with the letters the eight passengers received?

Only eight members of the Kerberos ship were left in episode 8, and they all had letters. It was revealed that everyone joined the simulation voluntarily because they wanted to forget something.

However, it is also revealed that they were on a spaceship searching for a new planet to inhabit in the real world. When Maura wakes up during the 1899 ending of season 1, it’s like something straight out of The Matrix.

Who is Ciaran?

Ciaran is the brother of Maura. He is the one hos has sent out letters and currently running the simulation.

Again, as far as we have been told, but anything can change now that we know what the real world is; A spaceship where everyone is sleeping and living in the same simulation during their travels.

What is the Prometheus in 1899?

At first, we see Prometheus as a ship sailing from Europe to the United States in 1899. But in the final episode, it is revealed that Prometheus is actually a spaceship and that the year is 2099.

Is 1899 connected to Dark?

No! Co-creator Baran bo Odar has confirmed that the two shows are not connected. Actors may appear in both stories but as very different characters.

Will there be an 1899 season 2?

Baran bo Odar says; “We already have ideas for a second and third season on 1899.” But nothing has been officially greenlit by Netflix yet.

Obviously, we’re rooting for a season 2 of 1899, so we can get more answers. Both regarding the simulation and the real world of 2099.

That’s it. We hope the above little Q&A helped explain any questions you had about the 1899 season 1 ending or plot. 

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