HELLBENDER is a horror movie that deals with the occult and witchcraft in general. Awesome performances by the small cast and several great twists along the way make for a real horror treat. Read our full Hellbender movie review here!

HELLBENDER is a new horror movie by the Adams Family. John Adams, Zelda Adams, and Toby Poser have created a true horror treat for anyone who likes stories about witchcraft in a more laidback way. Also, they’ve created the music for this film which is also pretty damn perfect as a soundtrack.

We screened this 86-minute horror gem at Fantasia and it’s coming to Shudder in 2022.

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Hellbender (2021) Review Horror

A different kind of coming-of-age story

The two stars of Hellbender are Zelda Adams as Izzy and Toby Poser as Mother. They are mother and daughter in this movie just as they are in real life. Also, they have the band “H6llb6nd6r” (Hellbender with 666 instead of e’s in case it was tricky to decipher) which I was very impressed with as well.

Hellbender is such a strange movie to explain but it works better than I had ever expected. Zelda Adams gets a lot to work with as this movie is the coming-of-age story for her character Izzy. Having led a completely secluded life, Izzy suddenly gets into contact with people other than her mom.

This is where she discovers the world and the fact that her family isn’t completely normal – or average. Zelda Adams and Toby Poser have the most amazing scenes together and towards the end, things get extremely dark. There’s even a bit of an Omen vibe, though in a way that is entirely Hellbender‘s own.

Don’t miss Hellbender – to be released on Shudder

Hellbender is quite the family affair and what a family! John Adams, Zelda Adams, and Toby Poser are the writers, directors, and stars of this movie. Okay, mostly Zelda Adams and Toby Poser star (with Lulu Adams on board in a key supporting role).

I am absolutely amazed, impressed, and downright giddy with horror delight at what this family does. This is not your average horror movie. It belongs in its own category almost, but it is very much a horror movie, so please don’t think that it’s too “fancy” or “artsy” for you.

Shudder has also been quick to grab the rights at Fantasia, which should tell you quite a lot. Hellbender was clearly made by people who love the horror genre and want to create something awesome for horror fans. Well, mission accomplished!

HELLBENDER had a world premiere at Fantasia 2021 where we screened it. It will be out on Shudder on February 24, 2022.


Directors: John Adams, Zelda Adams, Toby Poser
Stars: Zelda Adams, Toby Poser, Lulu Adams


Teenager Izzy (Zelda Adams) lives a lonely life with her mother (Toby Adams), their house isolated deep in the Catskill Mountains. That scenic seclusion is no accident. Her mother has gone through enormous efforts to keep Izzy largely away from people since she was five. For her own protection, and perhaps for that of others. They spend their days being each others’ best friends, teaching one another and making music in their two-piece rock band, H6LLB6ND6R. As Izzy begins to grow more into herself, she starts venturing into town, spending time with other people, and a sharp thirst for deeper knowledge is stirred. Knowledge of self, and also of her family’s mysterious history… with witchcraft.

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