So many horror short films, but it won’t take long to watch 5 that are among the very best.

Oh yes, we have to admit that we [the horror loving people on the world wide web] have been pretty lucky that we get so many horror short films. And the current trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down… quite the opposite. Especially since a few really great horror shorts have managed to go viral, and are now getting turned into feature films, which is launching careers for their creators!

Also, since I absolutely love horror-comedy, I really enjoy the fact that comedy is often a driving force in many horror short films. They only have a few minutes to get the audience involved, so they disarm and relax you with humor and then BAM… they hit you with horror and jump-scares. I freakin’ love it!

So let’s get to it, shall we? We’ve selected 5 of the very best horror short films for you right here, so please; turn the lights down low (if possible), the volume up high (that’s mandatory!) and enjoy some free horror entertainment.

#1 Selfie from Hell by Erdal Ceylan and Meelah Adams

So simple and so damn good! Lots of other people agree, which is why this is one of the horror short films getting turned into a feature film.

#2 Lights Out by David F. Sandberg and Lotta Losten

Yet another extremely simple plot, but so well executed that you can’t help but feel it in your dark horror heart. And yes, this is another one of those horror short films that we’ll get to see as a feature film. It’s coming this summer and horror-master James Wan (The Conjuring) is producing – Watch the trailer for the Lights Out feature film right here!

#3 Face Swap by “No Sleep” [YouTube channel]

I must admit that I think they should’ve ended it a few seconds earlier, and the plot is a bit too similar to Selfie from Hell for my liking, but it sure gets the job done.

#4 Coffer by David F. Sandberg and Lotta Losten

What can I say? When I love the style of someone’s work, I tend to have a preference for them and this really works. And the fact that there’s no dialogue is a sure way to keep it relevant to everyone. Also, can you believe the Lights Out lady is still living in that same apartment? Oh well, at least she’s still alive.

#5 2AM: The Smiling Man by Michael Evans

You won’t feel like walking home alone in the dark after watching this! Based on “The Smiling Man” by Blue_Tidal [YouTube channel], which was inspired by a true story as told on reddit by Blue_Tidal.

BONUS: The brand new horror short film Demon’s Dawn from the people that gave us Selfie from Hell.

Here’s the new Demon’s Dawn by Erdal Ceylan and Meelah Adams. Yes, the team behind Selfie from Hell has done it again and they have another horror short film on the way as well called Devil’s Lullaby. It’s currently in pre-production so we’ll have to be patient for a while longer, but since they’re also working on the feature film of Selfie from Hell, we have plenty to look forward to from the “Fuck you Zombie”-duo.

BONUS #2: The horror short film Polaroid from Norwegian director Lars Klevberg, who’s also made a feature film version.

Read our review of the feature film Polaroid >

Hope you enjoyed the collection of horror short films, we just presented! We will definitely be back with more of these Top 5 lists, so sign up for our Newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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