YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE LET ME IN on TUBI is a new Vampire Horror Movie. One where a vampire is invited to join a bachelorette party after hooking up with one of the girls. Read our full You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In movie review here!

YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE LET ME IN is a new TUBI horror movie. This time it’s a vampire movie, which the title already hints at. It essentially refers to fact that a vampire can’t enter a home without being invited in. If there’s one thing we learned from True Blood, it’s that you never ever invite a vampire in!

However, this story plays out at a bachelorette party and everyone’s a little tipsy and easily falls prey to the charms of a vampire. Except for the gay man, who hooks up with a Van Helsing type. With a runtime of 1 hour and 24 minutes, it manages to hit the sweet spot for many horror movies.

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Vampire wants Wife

Set during a bachelorette party in Italy, we meet a group of girls who end up inviting a handsome stranger into their home. Or rather, it’s actually his home. They already know they’re renting from a man named Victor, so when they meet him at a club (and one of them hooks up with him), he comes back with them.

And instead of a child vampire saying “Let Me In” like in the 2010 remake of the iconic Swedish vampire movie Let the Right One In (2008) by Tomas Alfredson, they’re getting a hungry adult vampire.

Well, along with some creepy friends. What none of them realize at first is that he’s a vampire looking for a bride. In fact, it’s the classic Dracula story, where he sees a woman who looks exactly like a previous love of his.

You Shouldn't Have Let Me In – Review | TUBI Vampire Horror

Slay Queens!

There is also LGBTQ+ representation as one of the four people in the bachelorette group is a gay man. He’s a good representation and never does anything too stupid. In fact, hooking up with a man who comes from a family that fights vampires is a good thing for everyone.

And yes, we do get a “Slay Queens” line once the fighting begins.

This isn’t even the only LGBTQ+ representation as there’s also some Sapphic energy going on among some of the other three women in the bachelorette party. It should be said that the opening scene shows a fifth member of the party, who is the first to encounter a vampire.

Also, minor spoiler, I want to mention that I actually enjoyed the kitsch element of having the title of this movie being the last line spoken.

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The director of You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In is Dave Parker. He previously directed the 2000 zombie horror comedy The Dead Hate the Living! and the 2016 movie It Watches which I was not a fan of. In fact, it’s one of the movies, we’ve given a 1 out of 5 rating.

The screenplay for this new TUBI vampire horror movie was written by Michael Lucid and Mary O’Neil. I don’t believe I’ve watched anything written by either of them. However, I have seen Mary O’Neil act in Malum (2023). Both of them have experience in front of and behind the camera.

Look, this is a vampire horror movie that plays out during a bachelorette party set in idyllic Italy. The setting is gorgeous and the Dracula-like story familiar. Is it brilliant or innovative? No. But does it entertain and have a good production quality? Yes. MarVista once again delivers on entertainment!

You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In is on TUBI from March 15, 2023.


Director: Dave Parker
Writers: Michael Lucid, Mary O’Neil
Cast: Diana Gardner, Nathaniel Ansbach, Riccardo Angelini, Fabián Castro, Isabella Egizi, Giulia Nunnari


During a bachelorette party in Italy, a group of girls invite a handsome stranger into their home, not realizing he’s a vampire looking for a bride.

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