It Watches could’ve been a deep and dark movie, but ends up as a slow story with a lot of plotholes and straight-up goofs.

It Watches (2016)Most of It Watches is just Ivan Djurovic walking around a house talking to a camera. As with any semi-found footage movies, it needs to make sense that he’s talking to the camera.

They manage to get this explained immediately since Andre (Djurovic) suffers from memory loss and has been encouraged to do a video journal. I’m not sure if this is actually something any doctor would recommend, but at least it’s an explanation for us as an audience.

Still, even if you’re asked to do a video journal, you don’t constantly film everything no matter how mundane or super scary. It’s not the only POV [Point of View], we’re offered, so that’s not the issue. It just still irks me!

It Watches was originally shot back in 2012 under the title ColdWater, which isn’t a better title. But since it sat on the shelf for 3-4 years, maybe it should’ve stayed there.

There are so many issues with It Watches

I’m sorry, but I have to admit that I came very close to not finishing this movie. It was dumbing down things in a grotesque way while also expecting the audience to accept really silly things.

Like the fact that Andre’s arm is in a sling, but then once he has showered, he has no problem fixing his hair with both hands. No indication that anything hurts or is the least bit sore. I mean, come on, you’re losing me with this silly details right from the get-go.

It Watches (2016)

However, I do understand why the scene was important. I mean, when you have the physique that Djurovic does, it would be a shame not to show it off. Still, it could’ve been done differently.

And even though I think the story is stupid and the movie doesn’t work (at all!), I will admit that there were a few minutes towards the ending when something did work. Djurovic has some scenes where he gets to act his heart out. And he does!

Honestly, if the story had been better, then this could’ve been a much better movie. Clearly Ivan Djurovic has the acting chops to pull off some intense scenes.

It just isn’t good!

The fact that It Watches was directed by the same Dave Parker, who made the Sweet Tooth segment in Tales of Halloween from 2015 is beyond me. It was the first segment of the Halloween anthology and when I watched it, I felt like the anthology was off to a great start.

At no point during this movie did I come even close to finding anything remotely close to being that good. He also made The Hills Run Red from 2009, which wasn’t without problems, but still much better than It Watches.

The script for this movie was written by director Dave Parker and lead actor Ivan Djurovic. If they’re to partner up again, I would really encourage them to have someone else get involved as well. Obviously, they couldn’t see all the faults in their own project.

It Watches became available digitally on December 6, 2016, and will be released on DVD February 21, 2017.


Director: Dave Parker
Writer: Ivan Djurovic and Dave Parker
Cast: Ivan Djurovic, Rick Irwin, Sanny van Heteren, James Duval


While house sitting a creepy home in the hills of Los Angeles, the insidious nature of the house leads him to believe he is not alone. Maybe something is in the house with him?

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