Killer Cove is a new thriller on Netflix. It’s also known under the title Fear Bay and the movie has a stalker theme. It’s surprisingly good in many ways. And even though you’ll guess some plot twists along the way, it’s worth watching. Read more in our review here! 

Killer Cove is a new thriller on Netflix which is currently listed under its old title Fear Bay on IMDb. Exactly like other MarVista productions that were previously shown on Lifetime.

The story in this new thriller has a stalker theme but with a few twists. Overall, it was a nice surprise with a good plot, interesting characters, and good actors. Well, with one exception that was way too stereotypical. But maybe that’s just my pet peeve. More on that later. 

Also, you might guess a few plot twists along the way, but that doesn’t ruin the viewing experience. Especially since it ends on a high note! Read more in our review here and watch Killer Cove (aka Fear Bay) on Netflix in the US, Canada and Australia. 

The cast of Killer Cove

You should recognize quite a few cast members of this new thriller on Netflix. Haley Webb stars in Killer Cove as Linda Marshall. She was “Linda Blake” on Teen Wolf and also in The Final Destination (2009).

In this new movie, her character of Linda is likable and very down-to-Earth and realistic. I especially liked her friendship with Carrie (Cathy Baron).

In several scenes that felt a bit cheesy, the two of them called out those very things which made the viewing experience infinitely better. You might recognize Cathy Baron from the TV series Justified (2013-2014) or Hollywood Wasteland. Or even the horror movie Dead Land from 2011.

The two main male characters are Linda’s ex-husband Eric and a private investigator named Tony Sarno. Eric is portrayed by Jason Alan Smith (Before I Wake) while Tony is played by Donny Boaz. Both work really well and manage to steer their characters clear of becoming extreme stereotypes.

Finally, we have Owen Miller as Detective Groves. He does not work for me. At all. Every line delivered with a husky know-it-all voice delivered with a concerned look really got on my nerves. The script managed to keep this character in check by lines from other characters. But I literally groaned whenever he came back onto the screen. 

Killer Cove Netflix Review

Yet another stalker movie on Netflix

We already have quite a few stalker movies on Netflix. There are also TV series, talk shows and documentaries about stalkers. Both because it’s a very real thing and a threat to many people. But also because people are interested in it. Especially since far too many people have experienced stalking (either directly or second hand).

The stalker element of Killer Cove isn’t the main thing. Not like it was with Only Mine or even Hidden in Plain Sight – though that one is more of an abuse story. However, it’s still a driving force for the plot in many ways.

And yet, Killer Cove really is much more of an overall thriller. There are more elements and twists along the way. Whether you’re a fan of stalker movies or not, you should be able to enjoy the story in this one.

Watch Killer Cove on Netflix now!

This newest Netflix addition in the thriller genre was directed by Damián Romay. He’s an Argentinean American writer, producer, and director. If you look at his IMDb credits, he seems to have written quite a few movies in the stalker genre as well as other similar storylines.

To me, Killer Cove (or Fear Bay) was a lot better than expected. Sure, I had guessed the final twists in advance (you probably will too), but it’s actually okay. Part of the “twist” became a bit too far fetched and unnecessary. A bit like when someone offers too many details and you begin to smell bullsh*t. 

Killer Cove is out on Netflix in the US, Canada and Australia (probably with more countries to follow) but if you want to look up the movie on IMDb, it’s currently still listed under its old title of Fear Bay.

Killer Cove was released on Netflix on May 14, 2019.


Director: Damián Romay
Stars: Haley Webb, Donny Boaz, Cathy Anne Baron, Jason Alan Smith, Owen Miller


An unlucky woman finds a solution for her hateful ex, a trying job hunt and a stalker through a charming P.I. – only to endure a new set of problems.

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