MALUM is a new horror movie that will seem very familiar to anyone who’s watched Last Shift from 2014. And with good reason as this is the same filmmaker creating a reimagined remake of his own movie. And yes, you should watch it. Here’s our full Malum movie review!

MALUM is a horror movie with a very familiar story, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it. Quite the opposite as it’s an interesting take on how a filmmaker can remake their own movie. This is Last Shift (2014) with a bigger budget and – as a result – the option to go bigger and wilder.

Is it better? Well, that’s the kind of question most horror fans will always give a resounded “No!” answer to. The original is always the best – even when it isn’t! – simply because it was there first. As for this movie, I can’t say that it’s better or worse. It’s simply a different take on the same story and both can easily co-exist.

Continue reading our Malum movie review below. You can watch the movie in US theaters from March 31, 2023.

Malum is Last Shift reimagined

Yes, the plot of Malum is one that you know. In fact, even the setting and certain scenes will feel very familiar. Like any English-language remake of a foreign-language film. The kind where the original was good, but just didn’t have a huge budget or familiar actors.

And yes, Malum does offer something new. The style and vibe that both a bigger budget and more experience as a filmmaker can result in.

While many horror fans will shy away from remakes, this is one remake they should give a chance. Not least because it’s the exact same filmmaker making this new version. Obviously, he felt that he could do better, so you should at least check it out to see if you agree.

Also, I loved that Natalie Victoria (ABCs of Death 2.5) essentially reprised her role from Last Shift here in Malum. She is married to the director of both films and the two are creative partners, so it makes perfect sense. And she’s awesome in both movies!

Malum (2023) – Review | LAST SHIFT reimagining

An unrelenting nightmare

Personally, I definitely enjoyed watching Jessica Sula (Split) in the all-important lead role as the rookie police officer. She has volunteered to take the very last shift (hence the original title) at a decommissioned police station. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the original lead of Juliana Harkavy, who went on to play Dinah “Black Canary” Drake in Arrow.

It just feels like somehow there’s a sharper-defined character portrayal in Malum. Whether that’s the actor or director, I can’t say. I can just confirm that Jessica Sula is very capable of carrying a movie!

Also, I enjoyed seeing Candice Coke (Kevin Can F**k Himself) portray her mother. She’s in too few scenes, but really, so is everyone except for Jessica Sula. That’s just the premise of this story and I won’t complain about that.

Overall, I love that this movie takes the premise of a barely decade-old movie that was a huge hit at festivals and does this “reimagining”. It’s been described in official press material as “thrusting viewers into an unrelenting, adrenaline-fueled, bloody cult nightmare”. And that’s by no means wrong. In fact, it’s a statement that is exactly as wild as the movie is!

Watch Malum in theaters – if you dare!

The director of Malum is Anthony DiBlasi and he’s also the screenwriter along with Scott Poiley. This is exactly the same constellation as when Last Shift was made. In a brutal twist of fate, this reimaging of their 2014 movie is released with a dedication to the late Scott Poiley.

I’m sure he would’ve loved seeing their story reach a new generation of horror fans who would’ve never come across the original low-budget film festival darling. Whether you’ve watched the original Last Shift or not, you’ll want to check out this one.

Especially if you like your horror movies to be truly demented and gorgeously grotesque.

For me, it’s not so much the blood and craziness. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but it never really gets to me. No, my ScreamQueen moniker comes from when that creepy and disturbing vibe gets under my skin. And it does here! All those times our lead is wandering around an abandoned police station, where we [the audience] know evil is lurking. Enjoy!

Malum is out in theaters from March 31, 2023.


Director: Anthony DiBlasi
Screenwriters: Anthony DiBlasi, Scott Poiley
Cast: Jessica Sula, Candice Coke, Chaney Morrow, Clarke Wolfe, Morgan Lennon, Valerie Loo, Monroe Cline, Eric Olson, Sam Brooks, Kevin Wayne, Danielle Coyne, Natalie Victoria, Christopher Matthew Spencer, Britt George


On a search to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding her father’s death, a newly appointed police officer, Jessica Loren (Jessica Sula) is assigned to the last shift in a decommissioned police station where a notoriously vicious cult saw their demise years prior. The lone officer at the station, she soon finds herself barraged by terrifying paranormal events, and in the process, is taken on a journey during which she learns the shocking truth behind her family’s entanglement with a demented cult leader.

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