Two on Netflix is a 70-minute horror-thriller where a man and a woman wake up in bed together and find themselves attached at the abdomen. The Spanish movie (org. title Dos) has been playing at film festivals already. Read our full Two movie review here!

Two is a new Netflix horror-thriller from Spain (org. title Dos). This one should make an impact on most viewers and with a runtime of just 70-minutes, you’ll want to give this a chance. The Spanish movie (org. title Dos) has been playing at film festivals since the summer of 2021 and is now out on Netflix for a global audience to experience.

And yes, it is an actual experience since I definitely couldn’t help but wince at what I was seeing on screen. The plot revolves around a man and a woman who wake up sewn together at the stomach. Yeah, talk about waking up to a nightmare. In many ways, this plot features the sickest escape room!

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Not like The Human Centipede… and yet

Even though the Spanish Netflix movie features people sewn together, we’re not in a The Human Centipede type of deal. However, if you liked that movie (which I actually did), then this does have touches of it in terms of the physically uncomfortable elements.

Though on a very different scale. Obviously!

Two is mainly a psychological thriller – despite the very physical element – since the man and woman need to find out what’s going on. Also, they are completely naked and very confused which doesn’t help much.

Two / Dos (2021) Netflix Review

When less is more!

Sometimes, we get huge ensemble casts and enjoy watching all the different, familiar, actors play out their quirky characters. Other times, less is more and we get just two people acting out a small story in one place. With the Netflix movie Two, we obviously get the latter.

Pablo Derqui and Marina Gatell are the two stars of this new Spanish genre movie on Netflix. You might know Pablo Derqui from Julia’s Eyes or the 2020 vampire horror drama La vampira de Barcelona. Marina Gatell starred in the TV series Lalola and has done a bit of both TV and film over the years.


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Another movie that worked really well with a very small cast and one setting was Rock, Paper and Scissors. Be sure to check out that one as well. It’s actually another Spanish-language movie but that one is from Argentina, not Spain.

The ending of Two Dos on Netflix

This isn’t one of those “Netflix movie Two explained”-features that are full of spoilers. No, I won’t spoil the ending of Two / Dos on Netflix here. Instead, I want to state that I loved it.

There is no doubt that the ending of Dos on Netflix is one that hits home. Throughout the movie, you will be trying to figure out why these strangers end up stitched together at the abdomen.

When the answer is revealed, it makes perfect sense. Well, in the mind of the sick person behind it, anyway. Surely, you will guess the twists along with the two unfortunate strangers, but that doesn’t make it any less efficient.

Watch the Spanish horror-thriller Two on Netflix now!

Mar Targarona is the director of Two (or Dos). This is only the third feature film from Mar Targarona after his 2016 debut Secuestro and his 2018 follow-up El fotógrafo de Mauthausen starring Mario Casas. However, Mar Targarona has been producing some of the most memorable Spanish horror movies in recent decades.

Many are on our list of foreign horror movies to watch. Including The Orphanage (2007) and Julia’s Eyes (2010). Also, he produced The Body (org. El cuerpo) in 2012 which has been remade in several other countries since. He also produced a few Netflix movies including Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City.

The writers of this rather uncomfortable tale are Cuca Canals, Christian Molina, and Mike Hostench. With a runtime of only a bit more than one hour, this is a movie that horror fans should definitely check out. Will you enjoy it? Maybe some of you will, but whether you enjoy it or not, I suspect it’ll stick to you in some sense.

Two (org. title Dos) is out on Netflix from December 10, 2021.


Director: Mar Targarona
Writers: Cuca Canals, Christian Molina, Mike Hostench
Stars: Pablo Derqui, Marina Gatell, Esteban Galilea, Anna Chincho Serrano, Kandido Uranga


Two strangers awaken to discover their abdomens have been sewn together, and are further shocked when they learn who’s behind their horrifying ordeal.

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