THE INNOCENT on Netflix is a Harlan Coben mini-series from Spain. The thriller, crime, mystery plot is extremely character-based. So much so that the first episodes focus entirely on two characters separately. Read our full The Innocent mini-series review here!

THE INNOCENT is a new Netflix series based on a Harlan Coben novel. The genres in this mini-series span thriller, crime, mystery, and (of course) drama. Also, it’s from Spain and if you’ve seen other Spanish Netflix productions, you’ll recognize quite a few faces.

Because this series is very character-based, episode 1 and episode 2 almost feel like they’re from two separate series. Almost! At the end of episode 2, the story ties in with the final moment of episode 1. In general, every episode tends to end on a cliffhanger, so prepare to binge-watch this series if you get hooked. If you like Harlan Coben’s stories, you probably will!

Continue reading our The Innocent mini-series review below and find all 8 episodes in the series on Netflix now.

Mario Casas in the lead

The lead character, Mateo “Mat” Vidal, is played by Mario Casas, who delivers a really solid performance. Also, while he is usually in good shape, he has certainly beefed up for his The Innocent character. And yes, this is very intentional since it is directly connected to the plot.

Mario Casas has been in many other Netflix productions including The Paramedic (org. title El practicante) and The Occupant (org. title Hogar). Of course, he has done so much more than this. Still, if you’re intrigued after watching him star in this series, you could check out these other two productions, also on Netflix.

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Obviously, with eight episodes in the mini-series, Mario Casas is far from the only key actor in The Innocents mini-series. Episode 2 is mostly about the character Lorena Ortiz, played by Alexandra Jiménez. It’s narrated by her in exactly the same way episode 1 is narrated by Mario Casas. Episode 3 is narrated by a third character, but I won’t reveal who it is here!

Other key characters are played by Susi Sánchez (who was brilliant in Offering to the Storm), Martina Gusman (El hijo), and Aura Garrido (The Warning). To name just a few of the many amazing actors in this series.

The Innocent – Netflix Mini-Series Review

Harlan Coben series on Netflix

This is far from the first Harlan Coben book that has been turned into a series on Netflix. Fortunately, they tend to work very well. Also, we’ve seen series from many different countries, which I love. Especially because it perfectly illustrates just how universal a good crime mystery is.

From the UK series The Stranger to The Woods from Poland and now The Innocent mini-series from Spain.

While I do enjoy them all, there are moments in this Spanish production that rely more on drama than the crime element, which is a shame. Then again, I still find this new Spanish Harlan Coben adaption extremely addictive and entertaining.

Watch The Innocent mini-series on Netflix now!

Oriol Paulo is the director of all eight episodes in this Netflix mini-series. He also took part in writing the adaption along with Guillem Clua and Jordi Vallejo (El pacto). When you look at the previous movies by Oriol Paulo, you’ll quickly notice that he often both writes and directs.

Also, you should find a lot of familiar titles. Even a few that have been remade in other countries such as The Body (El cuerpo) from 2012. This has been remade as both the really good South Korean movie The Vanished and a less impressive Netflix movie from India. In other words, the writer-director of this new Netflix series knows how to tell a story right!

Bottom line: If you enjoy Harlan Coben adaptations or simply Spanish crime-thriller series, then you should definitely check out The Innocent mini-series on Netflix.

The Innocent series is out on Netflix with all eight episodes from April 30, 2021.


Director: Oriol Paulo
Stars: Mario Casas, Xavi Sáez, Santi Pons, Alexandra Jiménez, Jose Coronado, Aura Garrido


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