INTUITION is a new Netflix thriller from Argentina (org. title La Corazonada). It’s a prequel to Perdida which is also on Netflix. Of the two, I absolutely prefer the first movie. This new one has way too many storylines for one movie. Read our full Intuition review here!

Intuition is a new Netflix thriller in Spanish. The movie is from Argentina and based on a novel just as it was the case with the Netflix thriller Perdida. In fact, this new Netflix crime-thriller (with the original title La Corazonada) is a prequel to Perdida.

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While the first movie had some issues, it was overall a very entertaining movie with an interesting plot. In fact, I would definitely recommend watching Perdida and not so much this new prequel. Honestly, it’s a total mess!

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Too many plots for one movie

The huge problem with Intuition is neither the acting or the overall production. In fact, both of these elements are of very high quality.  The problem is the fact that we’re getting wrapped up into 4-5 different cases in one movie. That means a lot of names and so many connections and details to stay on top of.

Mostly, it makes it difficult for an audience to get truly invested in any one of these cases.

Imagine if a TV crime drama took four or five episodes, put them in a blender, and created one movie out of them. Also, remember that you don’t really know any of the lead characters. I mean, sure, you’ll be familiar with the lead character, Pipa, if you’ve watched Perdida, but this is a prequel, so she isn’t exactly the person you know. She’s a rookie in Intuition!

Finally, the biggest issue is actually with the “coincidence” and “conclusion” that ensure the police can solve the cases. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. We’re getting facts and details thrown at us all the time, but by the end of the movie, all these facts are turned around and used for the clumsiest resolves.

Try this: Pause the movie and make a wild guess about what will happen next! The wilder the guess, the better the chance of you hitting it the proverbial nail right on the head.

Intuition Netflix Review – La Corazonada (2020)

Familiar faces from other Argentinian productions

Obviously, the most familiar face in Intuition is that of lead actor Luisana Lopilato who portrays Pipa. Or rather, Manuela ‘Pipa’ Pelari. Don’t worry, she’ll be introducing herself several times in this movie (due to the several cases and new people) so the name should stick.

Just as it was the case with Perdida, Pipa is a no-nonsense character that I really like. In this new movie, her character isn’t given nearly enough space to really evolve. And honestly, that’s a downright crime when dealing with a prequel. We should be getting a lot more background information on this lead character.

Instead, I feel like I know her less now than before watching this movie.

The other main character, which almost comes across as the starring character is Francisco Juanez. The character is very stereotypical, but I’m sure many will enjoy it exactly for this reason. Dark, brooding, and grotesquely unprofessional. He’s portrayed by Joaquín Furriel who you might recognize from the movie The Son (El Hijo) where he was pretty amazing.

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Obviously, there are many other actors in this movie and they do very decent jobs with rather shallow characters.

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Just as it was the case with Perdida, this prequel is directed by Alejandro Montiel, who also wrote the script. I don’t really understand the reason for making the movie as it stands now. Or more specifically, I don’t understand the point of making a prequel that doesn’t really help us get more into the characters.

I was actually looking forward to this movie because I enjoyed Perdida despite its issues. Now, it seems like, for Intuition, they took out the good and just did more of the stuff that didn’t work well in the first movie.

Look, I’m sure many will enjoy this movie just fine and find the “plot twists” intelligent and exciting. I’m just not one of them and I feel robbed of the Pipa prequel, I was expecting.

Intuition (La Corazonada) will be out on Netflix on May 28, 2020.


Director: Alejandro Montiel
Writer: Alejandro Montiel
Stars: Luisana Lopilato, Joaquín Furriel, Rafael Ferro


A rookie cop (Luisana Lopilato) and a police detective (Joaquín Furriel) investigate the murder of a woman, 19, whose best friend is the prime suspect. A prequel to Perdida.

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