WARRIORS OF FUTURE on Netflix is a new sci-fi movie from Hong Kong (org. title: Ming yat zin gei). A classic sci-fi spectacle with a strangely familiar (though new) plot and a ’90s vibe. Read our Warriors of Future movie review here!

WARRIORS OF FUTURE is a new Netflix sci-fi movie from Hong Kong (org. title: Ming yat zin gei). It was a huge hit in theaters in the Asian city. Now the rest of the world can watch it on Netflix, and fans of sci-fi definitely should.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 41 minutes, Warriors of Future doesn’t feel too long. It does, however, feel very predictable in many ways. Then again, sometimes it’s nice to just relax with something that feels oddly familiar. All while still also being new and with a fresh story.

Continue reading our Warriors of Future movie review below. Find it on Netflix from December 2, 2022.

Very familiar sci-fi story with a ’90s vibe

The plot is simple enough and the stage is set at the beginning; A meteorite carrying extraterrestrial life lands on Earth. It’s a plant that grows in extreme ways but it also cleans the air. So it’s both a danger and a blessing if we can control it.

Weather challenges (brought forth by climate change) mean more rain than usual. Since water makes the alien plant grow like crazy, lives are on the line. When on a mission trying to avoid the death of millions, a new discovery is made.

It turns out that there are powerful alien creatures here that threaten humanity. This results in Commander Sing Lee’s elite forces almost being entirely wiped out. Also, the surviving soldier Tai Loi discovers an even bigger conspiracy.

It’s like the Netflix sci-fi movie Spectral (2016) meets Battle: Los Angeles (2011) with just a taste of Alien (1979). Like most sci-fi movies, it’s been inspired by those that came before. And also pays homage to a few. Again, that’s fine by me but I can’t claim I’d ever feel the need to watch this one again.

Can you guess the ending of Warriors of Future on Netflix?

No, I won’t be doing any spoilers for Warriors of Future, but I do want to just note that the ending is exactly as predictable as you could imagine. And maybe that’s just fine for a Friday night movie.

I was a bit annoyed that every plot development could be seen a mile away, but hey, this is just that kind of movie.

Yes, it feels very much like a ’90s action movie version of a familiar sci-fi plot. The effects (with lots of CGI) are really solid and impressive for the vast part, so it definitely also has this going for it.

Warriors of Future – Review | Netflix Sci-fi

Will there be a Warriors of Future sequel?

When you watch the final scene (not quite an end-credit scene, but close), it seems obvious that a sequel is already planned. So yes, there is a good chance that we’ll get a Warriors of Future sequel.

This Netflix movie has been described as “just the start” of Hong Kong star Louis Koo’s sci-fi movie ambitions. The film was released in Hong Kong theaters earlier this year and became the highest-grossing Asian film of all time in the city.

However, it seems even more certain that instead of a sequel, we’ll be getting a Warriors of Future prequel. Producer and star, Louis Koo, has said:

“We haven’t decided whether to create a sequel to Warriors of Future, but we will be making a prequel that sheds more light on the backstory of some characters.”

While I wasn’t blown away by the story in this Netflix sci-fi movie, I am ready for more sci-fi stories (always), so I’ll definitely watch it when it’s added to Netflix.

Watch Warriors of Future on Netflix now!

The director of Warriors of Future is Yuen Fai Ng while the screenplay comes from Ho-Leung Lau, Chi-Leung Law, and Tin Shu Mak. I don’t believe I’m familiar with any of their previous work. Then again, IMDb does tend to be lacking when it comes to any Asian actor or filmmaker, so maybe I am.

As well as a possible Warriors of Future prequel (and possible sequel), the producer and star of this one is already looking at other stories. His production company is already working on their next sci-fi film. One that will be set in space, where the lack of gravity means using very different techniques than this one had.

Warriors of Future was eight years in the making, so we may have to wait quite some time. Then again, if this Netflix sci-fi movie is a huge hit, it may come sooner – success and money have a way of speeding up production.

Warriors of Future is on Netflix from December 2, 2022.


Director: Yuen Fai Ng
Writers: Ho-Leung Lau, Chi-Leung Law, Tin Shu Mak
Stars: Louis Koo, Ching Wan Lau, Carina Lau, Philip Keung, Ho-Leung Lau, Nick Cheung, Xiaoxia Cheng


When a meteor carrying a destructive plant strikes the world, a suicide squad is given hours to save their post-apocalyptic city from total collapse.

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