Twinsanity is a new thriller on Netflix. It was previously called Downward Twin so in either case, you know this is a story about twins. Is this a good twin versus evil twin story? Yes, but unlike any, you’ve seen before. On Netflix now!

Twinsanity is a new thriller on Netflix which has a lot of horror elements as well. The movie was previously called Downward Twin which is a reference to yoga.

The two twins share a yoga business, but when one twin wants to leave this behind and create her own identity, all hell breaks loose. 

For Twinsanity, the two starring roles are played by real-life twin actors, which definitely helps this new movie on Netflix.

Based on the Yoga Twin case

Twinsanity is based on a true story about a twin true crime. It’s the Duval twins case that inspired the plot of this latest twin thriller. Then again, the stories do sound very similar.

The Duval case ended up with Alexandria Duval being accused of killing her identical twin sister, Anastasia Duval. And yes, the Duval twins also worked in the yoga industry. In fact, it was also dubbed the “Yoga Twin Murder Case”.

Honestly, I would really like to watch a well-made documentary about the real case of the Duval twins. I have a feeling it will be even crazier than the story in Twinsanity.

Twinsanity Review Netflix Thriller

The Strain twins of Twinsanity

The two lead roles in Twinsanity are played by Karissa Strain and Katie Strain. This movie makes the lead debut for both since they’ve only had minor roles before this golden opportunity presented itself.

And yes, this is one of those good old “Good Twin vs Evil Twin” stories. It’s all very obvious from both their behavior and their clothes. The soft and “good” twin, Celest, wears soft blue colors while the brazen and “evil” twin, Leann, wear bold red colors.

To me, this makes perfect sense. There’s no need to try and deny what this story is all about. And if you’ve ever watched any twin documentaries (I have watched quite a few), then the dynamic will feel familiar.

Either the twins tend to get along perfectly or they are fundamentally different and the pressure to also be “alike” eventually drives them apart. Also, one tends to be more forward and is the aggressor, which does create this weird alpha and beta dynamic.

Karissa and Katie Strain do an excellent job at portraying these two characters. Also, former supermodel Angie Everhart has a supporting role and gives an equally good performance.

Watch Twinsanity on Netflix now!

The director of Twinsanity is Buz Wallick, who has worked a lot with documentaries in the form of “The making of” movies. Specifically, the making of horror movies. This new thriller actually marks the feature film debut for Buz Wallick.

The script for the movie (which was inspired by the Duval Twin murder case) was written by Julian Broudy. This is the first, and so far only, script Julian Broudy has ever written.

To me, Twinsanity (or Downward Twin) is a very solid psychological thriller. It’s definitely worth your time so be sure to check it out.

Twinsanity is out on Netflix in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK from March 15, 2019.


Director: Buz Wallick
Writer: Julian Broudy
Stars: Karissa Strain, Katie Strain, Yves Bright, Angie Everhart, Thaddeus Shafer, Mary O’Neil, Matt Mercer


When a yoga enthusiast begins to pull away from her identical twin sister and business partner, their lifelong bond turns deadly.

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