THE STRAYS on Netflix is a new psychological thriller dealing with social issues. It’s a British movie, but very much in the vein of Jordan Peele’s GET OUT and US. There’s even a hint of FUNNY GAMES in it. Read our full The Strays movie review here and find it on Netflix now!

THE STRAYS is a new Netflix movie that is labeled as both drama and thriller. On Netflix, it’s simply called a “social issues drama” which is true, but also putting it mildly. The rating is 16+ and it has a “violence” warning, so that should tell you something. It would be more appropriate to label it as a psychological thriller dealing with social issues, so we’re going with that.

While the movie is slow-burn, it’s also unrelenting and will undoubtedly make you itch at first. Later, you’ll probably feel both the anger and confusion of most characters. And then there’s the ending. Wow! It’s both brutal and feels like the only natural outcome.

Continue reading our The Strays movie review below. The film is on Netflix from February 22, 2023.

A British Jordan Peele

To be absolutely clear, I am not saying that this is a copycat movie when I compare it to Jordan Peele’s Get Out and Us. This is very much its own story and completely unique from the other two. It’s more the style of focusing on social issues (race and status in particular) and that eerie vibe that creeps in under your skin while watching it.

In that sense, this very much feels like a British take on a Jordan Peele movie. And I love it for that.

By the time we’re halfway through, we get to moments that reminded me of Funny Games or even The Strangers. People suddenly not being safe in the comfort of their own homes. Also, the point of view shifts a few times. We start by seeing the world from one person, then go back a few days and see the events from an entirely different point of view.

It works really well and helps set the stage for the all-important third and final act.

The Strays (2023) – Review | Netflix Thriller

The ending of The Strays on Netflix

There’s really no “ending explained” needed for The Strays. If you’ve been paying attention to the story and the characters of this Netflix movie, it won’t even come as a surprise.

Still, The Strays’ ending is as natural and organic as it is bold and shocking. Yes, I loved it!

Throughout the movie, we get to see amazing performances by the core cast and it all comes to a terrifying (and unavoidable, it seems) conclusion in this final act. Ashley Madekwe (Tell Me Your Secrets, The Umbrella Academy) is amazing in the lead role of Cheryl (who also goes by Neve).

You’ll probably feel like slapping some sense into her at several points, which – to me – is proof that she is nailing this portrayal. In other key roles, we see several relatively new faces, who are extremely talented. The four key characters are portrayed by Samuel Paul Small, Maria Almeida, Bukky Bakray, and Jorden Myrie.

Watch The Strays on Netflix now!

The Strays is written and directed by Nathaniel Martello-White. This is his feature film debut and it is extremely impressive. Not as a debut, but as a movie in general. The psychological thriller slow-burn, the social issues and commentary drama, and not least the nightmarish moments of pure horror.

Whatever Nathaniel Martello-White does next, I will definitely want to check it out. I loved both his outlook and style, so I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Please, do yourself a favor and spend 1 hour and 37 minutes with The Strays. It’ll most likely take you on a rollercoaster of emotions before closing its door on you with a bold ending. And again, if you’re a fan of Jordan Peele’s movies, then you’re in for a real treat. Enjoy!

The Strays is on Netflix from February 22, 2023.


Director: Nathaniel Martello-White
Writer: Nathaniel Martello-White
Stars: Ashley Madekwe, Samuel Paul Small, Maria Almeida, Bukky Bakray, Jorden Myrie, Justin Salinger, Michael Warburton, Caroline Martin


An upper-middle-class woman’s perfectly crafted life begins to unravel with the arrival of two shadowy figures in her town.

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