TRIPTYCH on Netflix is a new Mexican series (org. title: Tríada). It’s a thriller mystery that looks eerily like a Mexican ORPHAN BLACK but this isn’t a sci-fi story. Instead, it’s based on a true story – but which one? We’ll get to that. Read our Triptych season 1 review here!

TRIPTYCH is a new Netflix series from Mexico (org. title: Triada). It’s a mystery thriller that stars Maite Perroni (Who Killed Sara?). Unfortunately, it’s clear from episode 1 that the focus on the core story is lacking. Instead, we need a few too many shots and scenes that belong in a Telenovela. Something this series is not supposed to be, so it doesn’t help it much.

There are eight 45-minute episodes in the season, which seems like a few too many. While there are plenty of interesting and good elements, this series just isn’t the strongest as a thriller. The story itself is fascinating, but borrows heavily from Orphan Black and uses a “true story”-label to build credibility.

Continue reading our Triptych series review below. Find season 1 on Netflix from February 22, 2023.

Heavily inspired by Orphan Black

Triptych is the story of how the life of a forensic agent takes a huge turn when she finds a murdered woman that looks exactly like her. Sound familiar? Then you’ve probably watched the amazing series Orphan Black which has a spin-off coming out soon as well. The new spin-off series will be on AMC+ from March 2023 and is called Orphan Black: Echoes.

And yet, while Triptych (or Triada which is the original title) is eerily similar to the very popular series Orphan Black that dealt with human cloning, this is a very different story.

Also, this new Netflix series has way too much focus on steamy scenes and people looking attractive in particular shots than anything else. Yes, I was disappointed from the very first episode of this series. It lacks focus on what could be an interesting story and uses the “Based on a true story”-moniker in a very loose way.

Triptych – Review | Netflix Mystery Series

What true story is the Netflix series Triptych based on?

According to the opening of the series (and various press material), Triptych is based on a true story. However, it’s never really explained any further.

Still, if you’ve watched the 2018 documentary Three Identical Strangers, you’ll surely find this story familiar. Saying that this Mexican Netflix series (which has a heavy Telenovela vibe) is based on that true story, is a stretch, but it does seem inspired by it.

In Three Identical Strangers, three young men in 1980s New York discover they’re triplets separated at birth. The reason behind it is the kind of story that was perfect for a documentary, which you should definitely check out.

Still, anyone who watched Triptych on Netflix will undoubtedly think more of the Orphan Black series than Three Identical Strangers. Especially since the triplets in this Netflix series seem molded directly after three of the characters in Orphan Black. Right down to the hairstyle and sexuality – to a point, anyway.

What does Triptych mean?

A triptych is essentially when something is triple or a trilogy. Triptych comes from a Greek adjective that can best be translated as “three-fold”. It’s typically a carving or picture (like an altarpiece) with three panels side by side. Or it can be something composed or presented in threes. A trilogy is a triptych.

In other words, the title of Triptych refers to the trilogy or triple effect of the story, which is about triplets.

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The creator of Triptych (or Triada) is Leticia López Margalli. She also created the popular Netflix series Dark Desire (org. title: Oscuro deseo). That one was definitely also a steamy mystery series, so Leticia López Margalli has continued in that vein. Something I can easily understand. I mean “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and all that.

Also, Maite Perroni has a key role in both series (well, especially in Triptych where she plays three characters), so they work well together. I can never get over how much Maite Perroni looks like Mila Kunis (or is it vice versa?!), while I can also appreciate that she does a good job in this series.

Overall, Triptych seems to be a bit all over the place and wants to be both an intelligent thriller and focus on being a steamy telenovela. Most detrimental, however, is the fact that it borrows way too much from Orphan Black to really cut it as a strong original series.

Season 1 of Triptych is on Netflix from February 22, 2023.


Directors: Leonardo D’Antoni, Alba Gil
Writer: Leticia López Margalli
Cast: Maite Perroni, David Chocarro, Ana Layevska, Flavio Medina, Ofelia Medina, Hector Kotsifakis, Nuria Bages


After finding out she is one of three identical triplets, a relentless detective embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the truth about her past.

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