THE KNOCKING is a new horror movie from Finland (org. title: Koputus). It has a plot that utilizes lore and nature in very creepy ways. Also, it has a brilliant ending that packs a punch. Right to the gut. Read our full The Knocking movie review here!

THE KNOCKING is a Finnish horror movie (org. title: Koputus), and if you haven’t watched any horror movies from Finland yet, then you have some treats in store. Quite often, these horror movies have stories built on lore and ancient nature-driven forces. 

This new movie is no exception as it takes place mostly in a forest. A place that fights to protect itself from those who wish to exploit and ruin it. Well, with the help of a few select people, as we come to find out.

Continue reading our The Knocking movie review below. The film is out on digital in the UK and Ireland on September 4, 2023. A US release date should be coming up soon – we’ll update with info, as soon as we have it.

Horror from Finland is pure dread

In The Knocking, the plot is quite simple, but the background story of the three core characters is what will create depth. We meet three adult siblings as they return to their childhood home in the middle of the forest.

This very isolated house was where their parents were allegedly murdered many years ago. In other words, they haven’t been back in a good decade and the house is exactly as it was left. This in and of itself is creepy enough. The flashbacks and memories that the house awakens in each of them are full of pure dread.

For the three siblings, the plan is very simply to get the house and estate ready to be sold. There’s plenty of interest due to the natural resources of the area. However, they will come to discover a protector of the land that won’t allow this without a fight.

And that’s all I have to say about the plot. You need to see how it all plays out for yourself!

The Knocking (2023) – Review | Finnish Horror Movie

The ending of the Finnish horror movie The Knocking

The ending of any movie can make or break it. To me, this seems to be even more true for horror movies. And when it comes to The Knocking, the ending is just one final gut punch to the viewers.

In fact, the ending might be very simple, but it’s also bold and very definitive. I loved it.

Of course, for anyone who has paid attention, it makes perfect sense. Hell, even the title refers to what will happen along the way. In that sense, the ending of this horror movie from Finland is brilliant simply due to its simplicity. 

Watch The Knocking on Digital in the UK and Ireland now!

The Knocking was co-written and co-directed by Max Seeck and Joonas Pajunen. An impressive directorial debut by the two filmmakers. Max Seeck is also an international and New York Times bestselling author, so you may be familiar with his writing already. Also, he once won the Finnish Whodunnit Society’s Debut Thriller of the Year Award.

This horror movie has been described as a “terrifying eco-horror rooted in the forests and folklore of Finland” which is quite accurate. Also, it reminded me in some ways of The Black Demon. That movie was also an “eco-horror” but set in Mexico and dealing with sharks and oil rigs.

As already mentioned, horror movies from Finland can be a real treat and you have quite a few in store if you haven’t watched any yet. One of the best Christmas horror movies comes from Finland. It’s called Rare Exports and while it is wildly different from this new 2023 horror movie, there is a certain vibe that I could recognize here.

Okay, and sometimes Finnish genre movies can also just be about kicking some Nazi ass, so there’s that as well. That particular movie is SISU (2023) which was directed by the director of Rare Exports. Do not miss out on those two. Also, you should check out Hatching which is a Finnish horror movie released in the US by IFC.

As of writing this review, The Knocking doesn’t have a US release date, but it has been screened at US festivals already. With the UK and Ireland releases, it must be a matter of time before the US release happens.

The Knocking is out on digital in the UK and Ireland on September 4, 2023. It had its UK premiere at FrightFest on August 25, and it has also been screened at US festivals.


Directors: Joonas Pajunen, Max Seeck
Writers: Joonas Pajunen, Max Seeck
Stars: Inka Kallén, Pekka Strang, Saana Koivisto, Olga Temonen, Niko Saarela, Linnea Skog, Kristian Stierncreutz, Hilma Temonen, Mikko Leppilampi


When clearing out their family home, three siblings realise they are being haunted by something more ominous than their past.

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