COLD BLOWS THE WIND is a new horror-thriller made with a very low budget but heaps of passion. Be sure to check it out. A little genre treat for us fans. Read our full Cold Blows the Wind movie review here!

COLD BLOWS THE WIND is a new thriller with horror and mystery to drive the plot. It’s called an “ultra-indie” movie which means the budget is low, but the people working on the production are a passionate bunch.

The low budget is a non-issue when that’s the case. Also, it stars Jamie Bernadette (I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu) and has a crisp 85-minute runtime. You’ll want to watch this one.

Continue reading our Cold Blows the Wind movie review below. Find it on VOD from July 2, 2024.

From bad to worse

In Cold Blows the Wind, we get the kind of story where someone is in a bad situation that then escalates. For this story, the situation involves a married couple (Victoria Vertuga and Danell Leyva) who are involved in a hit-and-run.

Or rather, they hit a jogger with their car while driving drunk. Then in a panic, they put his body in the trunk only to later discover that he wasn’t actually dead.

If you think this sounds like a bad situation, then it’s only because you have no idea that this is the simple and easy part of their night. Circumstances evolve in extreme ways that also have a supernatural twist to them.

Cold Blows the Wind (2024)  Review | Ultra-indie Horror-Thriller

Enter Jamie Bernadette

Okay, saying that Jamie Bernadette “enters” the story later is technically wrong as it opens with her. She’s speaking in a grave voice, reciting what has become the title of this horror thriller. When we see her next, the married couple are in big trouble.

The tagline for the movie (or an alternative plot description, if you will) goes like this:

Dean and Tasha’s first mistake was driving drunk.
Their second, hitting a jogger.
Their third, driving out to a remote house to bury the body.

That third mistake quickly involves a mysterious visitor (Jamie Bernadette) arriving. She saw them burying the body of the jogger but offers not to tell anyone. The price? Protection.

But can Dean and Tasha work together? Or has the rift that started long before this night already made that impossible?! Watch this movie to find out. Whatever the couple decides to do, they aren’t really in charge.

Watch Cold Blows the Wind on VOD

Cold Blows the Wind is written and directed by Eric Williford. He has worked with the stars of this movie before, and I feel that you can sense their joint effort and trust in one another.

The stars of this ultra-indie thriller are Victoria Vertuga (Disgraced, Lexi) as Tasha and Danell Leyva (Spark) as Dean. Especially Victoria Vertuga delivered a stellar performance – and has a lot of good material to work with.

Also, Jamie Bernadette co-stars as mentioned several times already.

As a horror thriller mystery hybrid, it hits a lot of the right marks. Including a runtime of 85 minutes. It’s a very character-driven story with a supernatural edge, which makes for a true genre treat for fans of the darker genres. Do check it out!

Cold Blows the Wind lands on VOD on July 2, 2024.


Director: Eric Williford
Writer: Eric Williford
Cast: Victoria Vertuga, Danell Leyva, Jamie Bernadette, Torrey Lawrence


When a husband and wife find their night blown wildly off-course, they’re forced to band together in order to survive in the most extreme of circumstances.

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