GRACEFUL FRIENDS is a new Netflix thriller-mystery series from South Korea that also has a lot of humor – at first, anyway. It’s also known as “Elegant Friends” on IMDb and features a lot of likable characters. Until you get to know them. Read our Graceful Friends season 1 review here!

GRACEFUL FRIENDS is a new Netflix thriller-mystery series that almost feels like a feel-good story at first. Actually, it does begin with someone dying as episode 1 is introduced. Oh, and the first episode of season 1 also ends with someone dying. So, it’s not that much of a feel-good storyline. 

It does start out with many funny moments though – with a lot of darkness seemingly right beneath the surface. All of these elements (the humor and mystery) will feel quite familiar and classic if you’ve watched many South Korean productions in the past. Yes, this is a series from South Korea with a very universal story!

Continue reading our Season 1 Graceful Friends review below and check out all 17 episodes on Netflix now!

Don’t be fooled by the opening credits

The opening credits of Graceful Friends almost looks like a South Korean version of Santa Clarita Diet. However, do not be fooled by the lighthearted feeling this intro might inspire. Look closer and you’ll see that stabbing and vengeance seems to be luring at ever turn.

The characters in this Netflix series (which has the primary title of Elegant Friends on IMDb, as of writing this review) are so relatable in so many ways. People working too much and still not being able to make ends meet – or even being respected at work. Also, marriages are in shambles or people are depressed.

And still, episode one is extremely happy and funny most of the time. However, as much as the various friendships and marriages might work – or really not work – the secrets and lies will change everything. Also, remember that we will witness the death of two people within the first episode. So it’s clearly not all fun and games.

Graceful Friends: Season 1 – Netflix Review

Watch Graceful Friends Season 1 on Netflix now!

Season 1 of Graceful Friends has a total of 17 episodes that all have a runtime of just over one hour. That might seem like a lot to take on but the episodes never feel too long. There are so many characters to get invested in that time does seem to fly. Obviously, you will like some characters more than others – just be ready to change your mind about anyone as the story progresses!

All episodes of this South Korean Netflix series were directed by Hyun Wook Song who has worked on several TV series in the past. Kim Kyung-Sun and Park Hyo Yeon are the writers behind all episodes of season 1.

There is nothing supernatural about this series, so don’t expect anything along the lines of the Netflix series Kingdom which is also from South Korea. Also, it plays out in the present-day with flashbacks to when the friends were in school. Please note, that these school day flashbacks scenes are shown in a bizarre way where the picture is askew, making everyone looks freakishly thin.

If you’ve watched some of the many brilliant thriller or horror mystery genre movies from South Korea, then you should enjoy this Netflix series. It’s long with 17 hour-long episodes in season 1, but this also allows for intriguing character portrayals.

Season 1 of Graceful Friends is out on Netflix from November 12, 2020.


Director: Hyun Wook Song
Writers: Kim Kyung-Sun, Park Hyo Yeon
Stars: Yu Jun-sang, Song Yoon-a, Bae Soo-bin, Kim Sung-oh, Jung Seok-yong, Kim Won-hae


When a sudden death brings everyone’s dirty secrets to the surface, the lives and marriages of a group of close-knit friends unravel out of control. Incriminating photos. Raging temptations. Murder. Bad luck, or the work of an evil mastermind hiding in their midst?

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