THE IMPERFECTS on Netflix is a new genre-hybrid series. We’re talking sci-fi, fantasy, action, drama, and some horror. A US and Canada co-production with young adults as the leads – taking place in Seattle. Read our The Imperfects season 1 review here!

THE IMPERFECTS is a new Netflix series in the sci-fi, fantasy, action, and drama genres. With quite a bit of horror thrown in there as we’re dealing with monsters (of many different varieties, including the very human). Also, there is quite a lot of blood involved, so be ready for that.

Overall, the characters are certainly intriguing enough to keep me watching. The season has 10 episodes, each with a runtime of around 45 minutes, and it’s worth checking out for all genre fans.

Continue reading our The Imperfects season 1 review below. The series premiered on Netflix on September 8, 2022.

Very character-driven genre series

As with all genre productions that work really well, The Imperfects features some very interesting characters. In fact, the entire storyline is character-driven which is exactly what makes it intriguing from the very first episode. Well, that and the fact that episode 1 really is very strong and lays out the perfect groundwork for many storylines.

The story plays out in Seattle and this is a US and Canada co-production with a wonderfully diverse cast. Of course, most characters are played by actors that are in great shape and look like models, but at least they’re not all just generic white kids.

Actually, they’re not even kids. When I first saw the PR images from this Netflix series, I thought the core cast consisted of a group of teenagers. However, for the most part, we’re dealing with young adults. As in people who are in their early 20s.

This makes for characters that have lives of their own and, as such, have more at stake than just being popular in High School… or not.

The Imperfects: Season 1 – Review | Netflix Fantasy Series

A Banshee, a Chupacabra, and a Succubus… oh my!

From that very first strong episode, we learn that the main characters are young adults that suffer from a condition. Supposedly, this condition was treated when they were just kids and now they just need to take their little blue pills, and they’re fine.

Well, until they run out of said blue pills and the side effects start showing up. Side effects created by the experimental gene therapy they went through as kids. In other words, they’re turning into something along the lines of X-Men.

To be specific, they turn into a Banshee, a Chupacabra (not a werewolf), and a Succubus. Unfortunately, these very specific side effects really wreak havoc on the lives of the people they happen to. For example, the succubus is Ace [Asexual] so it’s extra difficult to have everyone feeling extremely attracted to her. And the Banshee is a singer. Yikes!

These three core characters are played really wonderfully. Iñaki Godoy (Who Killed Sara?) is Juan Ruiz, Morgan Taylor Campbell (Sadie’s Last Days on Earth) is Tilda Webber, and Rhianna Jagpal (Two Sentence Horror Stories) is Abbi Singh.

All three have very redeeming qualities and you want to root for them. Okay, maybe some more than others, but just give it a few episodes, and you’ll be rooting for all three.

Doctors and scientists

Also, there’s a doctor helping them. Dr. Sydney Burke is the perfect combination of heart and snark. She’s sassy but kind and has a very personal stake in all of this as well. Italia Ricci (Designated Survivor) plays Dr. Sydney Burke in a way that makes her someone you want to have on-screen constantly. She’s often the voice of reason.

And, of course, there’s the doctor responsible for all the experimental gene therapy. Dr. Alex Sarkov (Rhys Nicholson) and he’s a very stereotypical over-the-top gay type.

It’s a bit (or a lot) too much, but due to the way other characters are presented, I’m thinking it’s very intentional.

Watch season 1 of The Imperfects on Netflix now!

The story for The Imperfects comes from Kim Garland, who is also a screenwriter on the series. She previously worked as a writer on the new Chucky TV series. Other screenwriters on the series are Gorrman Lee (Van Helsing), Shelley Eriksen (Continuum), and Dennis Heaton (Motive).

The directors working on the ten episodes of this new Netflix genre series are Mathias Herndl (Warrior Nun), Mark Chow (The Order), Nimisha Mukerji (Motherland: Fort Salem), Jovanka Vuckovic (Helstrom), and Director X (October Faction).

I didn’t expect much from this series but ended up really enjoying it. Both due to the characters and the overall plot. If you’re typically into sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and horror-driven stories, then I would definitely recommend that you check this out on Netflix.

The Imperfects Season 1 is out on Netflix from September 8, 2022.


Directors: Mark Chow, Mathias Herndl, Nimisha Mukerji, Jovanka Vuckovic, Director X.
Screenwriters: Kim Garland, Gorrman Lee, Shelley Eriksen, Dennis Heaton
Story: Kim Garland
Cast: Italia Ricci, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Rhianna Jagpal, Iñaki Godoy, Kyra Zagorsky, Rhys Nicholson, Celina Martin, Junnicia Lagoutin, Rekha Sharma, Ron Selmour, Chris Cope, Jennifer Cheon, Siddhartha Minhas


After an experimental gene therapy turns them into monsters, three twenty-somethings band together to hunt down the scientist responsible and force him to make them human again.

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