HOLLYBLOOD on Netflix is a new Spanish horror comedy. It offers a spoof on both the Twilight movies and fandom. It’s quirky and weird, but also quite bloody and silly. Read our full HollyBlood movie review here!

HOLLYBLOOD is a new Netflix horror comedy from Spain. The core story is focused on some High School students who are obsessed with either vampires or each other – or both! There is a thick spoof element that first has to do with the Twilight fandom (the franchise is called HollyBlood in the movie) and the actual films.

As revealed by the opening scene, there are real vampires in this Netflix movie too, so it isn’t just a spoof. There’s even a self-proclaimed vampire hunter. And just those wanting to be around vampires. No one nearly as cool and efficient as Guillermo in What We Do In The Shadows. Then again, who is?!


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Continue reading our HollyBlood movie review below. The film is on Netflix from September 7, 2022.

A loving spoof on Twilight

Early on, we get to watch a scene from the new HollyBlood movie and the Twilight spoof is very lovingly obvious. Especially when it comes to all the shirtless male actors. And the way they fight over the girl. It’s funny mostly due to it being so over the top. That’s how you should always go into horror-comedy and spoof storytelling.


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In general, this horror comedy isn’t one of the best I’ve watched. It’s just too silly and – at times – too slow. However, its runtime of just under 90 minutes is a definite plus.

HollyBlood (2022) – Review | Netflix Horror-Comedy

The cast of HollyBlood

Óscar Casas plays the male lead character, Javi, and works really well in the role. The classic shy and quiet guy who looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model. And yet, Óscar Casas (Xtreme, The Orphanage) manages to play the laid-back character perfectly. Especially during scenes early on with Javi’s dad.

After Javi’s dad sees that his son is looking at webpages with shirtless guys, he assumes his son is gay and becomes an instant ally. However, Javi isn’t gay. He’s just catfishing a girl at his school in a HollyBlood fandom chat forum. Yeah, it’s problematic, but that’s the kind of stuff you can get away with in a horror comedy.

The girl, Sara, is also pretty damn cool and played with just the right mix of teen confusion and confidence by Isa Montalbán.

Also, Javi’s dad (played wonderfully by Jordi Sánchez) gets to go through all the classic ally missteps – especially in terms of what words to use. All while clearly being 100 percent supportive of his son. And Javi also makes it obvious that while he is not gay, it would be absolutely fine if he was.

No, not all movies and series include LGBTQ characters. Despite what some people would have you believe. However, having these scenes about acceptance and talks (however awkward) between parents and kids is very important.

Then again, there might be a queer aspect to at least one character in HollyBlood but it’s a “blink and you’ll miss it”-moment. Or, you know, sort of like when most straight people couldn’t possibly imagine that Ricky Martin was gay while most LGBTQ people had their gaydar max out years earlier.

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Jesús Font is the director of HollyBlood and José Pérez Quintero wrote the screenplay. I did really enjoy the spoof on Twilight and (perhaps even more) the actual Twilight fandom spoofing. The quirky and weird works for me, as does the bloody parts (of course!), but the silly elements just take up too much space.

Sure, it’s a spoof, and yes, it does combine horror with comedy. It’s just that the comedy becomes too lazy and predictable while the horror is only sporadically there. And yet, I do recommend that you check it out if you enjoyed the Twilight movies.

Looking at something again – yes, even through an exaggerated lens – is a fun trip down memory lane.

Also, make sure you stick around for the end credit scene. It teases a sequel that I actually wouldn’t mind. Well, if it tightens up the comedy and boosts the horror, anyway.

HollyBlood is out on Netflix from September 7, 2022.


Director: Jesús Font
Writer: José Pérez Quintero
Stars: Óscar Casas, Isa Montalbán, Jordi Sánchez, Piero Mendez, Carlos Suárez, Jany Collado


Desperate to win the affection of his crush, a shy teen masquerades as a vampire, unaware that a real immortal is lurking in the background.

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