THE GENTLEMEN series on Netflix is a 2024 take on creator Guy Ritchie’s own 2019 movie. The action-packed and crime-filled series has eight episodes. Runtime between 45 minutes and one hour. Read our The Gentlemen series review here!

THE GENTLEMEN (2024) is a new Netflix series from writer-director Guy Ritchie. If the title and filmmaker seem like a familiar match, it’s probably because this 2024 series is based on the 2019 movie of the same name.

The new Netflix series covers a lot of genres, but mostly action and crime are at the forefront. Of course, there’s also mystery, thriller, drama, and – in classic Guy Ritchie fashion – plenty of dark comedy and satire.

Continue reading our The Gentlemen series review below. Season 1 is on Netflix from March 7, 2024.

Welcome to the world of The Gentlemen

In this series version of The Gentlemen on Netflix, we meet Eddie Horniman (Theo James) right before his father dies. Very unexpectedly for most of the family, he inherits his father’s sizable estate. As the second-born son, it was never in the cards that he would take over.

Instead, his brother Freddy (Daniel Ings) was next in line to be Duke. Freddy does not take the news well, but the entire reading of the will – which happens in episode one – is full of “funny” little moments. Funny as in the deceased’s final jabs at those mentioned in his will.

Including his widow, Lady Sabrina (Joely Richardson), who inherits his dog, and his daughter “Chuckles” (Ruby Sear), who will get a weekly allowance until she marries “a man”. His widow is no more interested in getting the dog than his daughter is in marrying a man.

The groundskeeper Geoff Seacombe (Vinny Jones) does end up with something good, so clearly he was on good terms with the late Duke.

In any case, Eddie is now the owner of the estate. And, it turns out, a weed empire. Dear and dead old daddy had a business arrangement with Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario) which involved a weed-growing business underneath the estate.

Before the end of episode 1, Eddie finds himself communicating with people who are clearly criminals. He has to as his older brother Freddy is in desperate need of paying back some gangsters. Also, Eddie meets with one very wealthy man (Giancarlo Esposito), who is still unknown in terms of wealth origin, but he wants to buy the estate.

The Gentlemen (2024) – Review | Netflix Action-Crime Series

Classic Guy Ritchie in a series

If you’re familiar with Guy Ritchie movies, you’ll know they tend to be full of action, violence, and very umm colorful language. This Netflix series is no exception though it does have a slower build-up in all areas compared to his movies.

This isn’t bad, but just a fact. Frankly, I think it’s a good thing because eight episodes of the typically very fast-paced Guy Ritchie filmmaking style would probably leave you breathless. With this series, we get more time to know the characters.

As it is another Guy Ritchie trademark to have a lot of characters, there’s plenty of story to tell.

Watch The Gentlemen series on Netflix now!

The new Netflix series The Gentlemen was created by Guy Ritchie, which makes perfect sense as it’s based on his 2019 film of the same name. I see the movie referred to as being from 2020, but it’s listed as 2019 on IMDb as it premiered in London in December 2019. The rest of the world just waited until January 2020.

Executive producer and creator Guy Ritchie also directs the first two episodes. David Caffrey (The Alienist), Eran Creevy (Collide), and Nima Nourizadeh (The Wilds) also directed two episodes each.

Along with Theo James and Kaya Scodelario in the lead roles, we also see Ray Winstone (Damsel), Chanel Cresswell (Dracula), Dar Salim (Loving Adults), and Peter Serafinowicz (The School for Good and Evil).

The season has eight episodes with rather long runtimes. The first few are over one hour long, but later episodes are around 45 minutes in runtime. There’s plenty of story to tell and many characters to cover, so it makes sense that the episodes differ in runtime.

The Gentlemen (2024) series premieres on Netflix globally on March 7, 2024. 


Creator: Guy Ritchie
Directors: Guy Ritchie, David Caffrey, Eran Creevy, Nima Nourizadeh
Cast: Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Ray Winstone, Daniel Ings, Joely Richardson, Vinnie Jones, Giancarlo Esposito, Chanel Cresswell, Michael Vu, Max Beesley, Jasmine Blackborow, Harry Goodwins, Dar Salim, Pearce Quigley, Ruby Sear, Peter Serafinowicz


When aristocratic Eddie inherits the family estate, he discovers that it’s home to an enormous weed empire — and its proprietors aren’t going anywhere.

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