TILL DEATH is a new Horror-Thriller starring Megan Fox. And yes, that is all you need to know and exactly how this movie should be sold. It’s all about survival and she is absolutely brilliant in this. For me, this is her best since Jennifer’s Body. Read our full Till Death movie review here!

TILL DEATH is a new Horror-Thriller about survival. On the surface, the plot of this movie might sound like a new take on Gerald’s Game (the Stephen King book that Netflix adapted rather well). However, this movie is an entirely different beast.

The absolute star of the movie is Megan Fox and she delivers one hell of a performance. Sure, along the way a few bad decisions are made, but they tend to be acknowledged. Also, we’re dealing with a survival plot under some very dire circumstances so a few bad decisions are acceptable.

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Megan Fox is back!

Megan Fox has had a career of ups and downs, but she always seems to deliver whatever is asked of her. If she’s meant to be mainly eye candy, then that’s what she’ll do. However, she is so much better when she incorporates her kick-ass attitude and gets awesome characters to portray.

A great example of this is Jennifer’s Body by Diablo Cody. The movie has a cult-like status while also being grotesquely under-rated by many. Megan Fox is awesome in the title role in Jennifer’s Body and her portrayal of Emma in Till Death is her best since that iconic movie!

At first, I was a bit surprised by her all-too smooth and perfect face. However, don’t fall into the trap I did because it’s all about the perfection expected of the character she plays. By the end of this movie, Emma (Megan Fox) goes from Instagram-filter perfect to a true survivor with battle scars to boot.

Till Death – Review | Megan Fox Thriller

Strong supporting cast in Till Death

Of course, Megan Fox isn’t the only actor in Till Death. After all, the movie is all about her character trying to survive and in order for this to work, somebody has to be actively trying to kill her.

Before we get that far (sort of), we have to meet her husband of 10 years. He’s a real douchebag of a control freak and played absolutely perfectly by Eoin Macken. You might recognize this Irish actor from The Hole in the Ground (2019) which was a rather impressive horror drama from Ireland. Also, he was in the Netflix series Nightflyers and the horror movie The Forest.


Our review of the horror, drama, mystery hybrid The Hole in the Ground co-starring Eoin Macken >

Also in the cast is Australian actor Callan Mulvey (300: Rise of an Empire) who plays a bad guy villain – as it’s often the case – with Jack Roth (The Snowman) and Aml Ameen (Sense8) in other key roles.

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S.K. Dale is the director of Till Death (as Scott Dale) and the screenplay was written by Jason Carvey. This is the first feature film for S.K. Dale as a director after having directed four short films released between 2012 and 2020. For Jason Carvey, this is the second feature film after his 2006 writer-director debut with A New Wave in 2006 starring John Krasinski (A Quiet Place).

The runtime is a sharp 88 minutes which means nothing drags on for too long and the pace is held tight. Perfectly matching the intensity of the story unraveling. Whether you watch Till Death in a movie theater or at home, just let yourself be swept away imagining what you would do in this crazy situation.

For one, I think you’d definitely be able to relate to the frustration of Emma (Megan Fox) and try many of the same things. Oh yes, I was definitely a fan and hope this is just the first step in the future career of Megan Fox. She has another two movies coming out this year, beginning with Midnight in the Switchgrass alongside Bruce Willis.

I’d probably give this movie a 3½ because it’s entertaining as all hell and has some innovative moments while also being somewhat predictable along the way. However, since we don’t do half stars here at Heaven of Horror, I’m going to round up this rating due to Megan Fox being such a stellar badass yet again.

Till Death will be out in theaters and on-demand from July 2, 2021. From October 1, 2021, it will also be out on Netflix in the US!


Director: S.K. Dale
Writer: Jason Carvey
Stars: Megan Fox, Callan Mulvey, Eoin Macken, Aml Ameen, Jack Roth


Emma (Megan Fox) is stuck in a stale marriage to Mark and is surprised when he whisks her away to their secluded lake house for a romantic evening on their 10th anniversary. But everything soon changes, and Emma finds herself trapped and isolated in the dead of winter, the target of a plan that gets more sinister at every turn.

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