BLOOD RED SKY on Netflix is a new horror movie in the vampire subgenre. Most of it takes place on board an international flight. Before the vampire story unfolds, it’s a hostage and terrorism story. A bit long, but worth watching. Read our full Blood Red Sky movie review here!

BLOOD RED SKY is a new Netflix vampire movie. Actually, it starts out almost like a family drama, turns into a hostage situation on board an international flight, and then becomes a hardcore vampire movie. There is a lot of blood, many deaths, and extremely violent scenes in this movie.

Overall, the entertainment value is impressive, but its runtime does feel a tad too long. Still, I would definitely recommend that you check this out if you enjoy thrillers and horror movies. And especially, of course, if you like vampire stories!

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A different kind of vampire story

We’ve already seen all kinds of vampire stories in various movies and TV series. From the iconic Interview with a Vampire and the recent Shudder movie Boys from County Hell. And TV series such as The Strain and What We Do In The Shadows  (which started as a movie, as well).

In Blood Red Sky, we follow a single mother, who has become a vampire. She manages her vampire condition by following an intense regimen of medicine. Still, she’s searching for a cure and this may actually be in New York. The only problem is getting to New York from Germany. Obviously, this requires her to get on an international flight.

To manage this very long trip, she needs to stay extremely on top of her medicine. avoid sunlight at all costs, and look after her young son. A son that also does his best to help! As revealed in the official plot and trailer, the flight they’re on is highjacked by terrorists and this does create quite the hurdle.

Especially when they want to turn the plane around and head towards sunlight.

Blood Red Sky – Review | Netflix Horror

The international cast of Blood Red Sky

The main protagonist, Nadja, is portrayed by Peri Baumeister who you might recognize from the TV series The Last Kingdom. She delivers a very strong performance and undergoes an intense transformation throughout this movie.

For the record, we also get to see how Nadja became a vampire via flashbacks. This is part of why the movie has a long runtime, but it does work and creates a better understanding of her situation.

Other actors in Blood Red Sky include the Danish Roland Møller (The Commuter, Atomic Blonde), Alexander Scheer (Sløborn), and Dominic Purcell from the Prison Break series.

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Peter Thorwarth is the director and co-writer of Blood Red Sky. He has previously done everything from music videos to several feature films, so he’s quite an experienced filmmaker. For the screenplay, he joined forces with Stefan Holtz. The two have already written a few movies together prior to this one, so they seem to have a solid working relationship.

This Netflix vampire movie is a German and American production and both German and English are the official languages of this movie. However, since most of this movie plays out on board and international flight (going from Germany to the US), the language spoken mostly among the passengers is English.

If you like vampire movies, then you should definitely make sure that you check out Blood Red Sky on Netflix. Have a little patience with the build-up, but rest assured that is will turn into the most hardcore vampire story. Also, in between, there’s a terrorism focus that also has a solid intensity and crazy moments. Also, the Blood Red Sky ending is really strong!

BLOOD RED SKY releases on Netflix on July 23, 2021.


Director: Peter Thorwarth
Writers: Stefan Holtz, Peter Thorwarth
Stars: Peri Baumeister, Graham McTavish, Dominic Purcell, Roland Møller


A woman with a mysterious illness is forced into action when a group of terrorists attempt to hijack a transatlantic overnight flight. In order to protect her son she will have to reveal a dark secret, and unleash the vampire within that she fought to hide.

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