I LIVE ALONE is a new horror movie starring Bonnie Aarons, who most will know as James Wan’s character “The Nun”. This horror movie has potential but would have been a stronger short film. Read our full I Live Alone movie review here!

I LIVE ALONE is a new horror movie that shows a lot of potential. I really cannot emphasize this enough, since I loved parts of it, but also felt it became way too slow at other times. That’s why I feel that this feature film could be a very strong short film instead.

For a feature film, it needed more for me. Even though the runtime is only just around the one-hour mark, it felt much longer. A shame since it has intriguing characters and a storyline that could work very well. It just needs a bit more “meat on its bones” (for lack of a better description).

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The Nun’s Bonnie Aaron in a starring role

Ever since I first saw James Wan’s character “The Nun” in The Conjuring 2, I have been fascinated by Bonnie Aarons. Of course, she has already reprised that particular role in The Nun and other movies in The Conjuring universe like Annabelle: Creation (2017). Also, she will obviously be back for the announced sequel The Nun 2.

However, we have also seen Bonnie Aarons in other roles, since her on-screen acting debut in 1994. Most recently, she was the “The Master” in the Shudder horror movie Jakob’s Wife (2021) which starred horror icons Barbara Crampton and Larry Fessenden.


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Here in I Live Alone, Bonnie Aarons stars (or rather co-stars) and once again has the title role. She plays the “reclusive aunt who lives alone”. In her first scene, I felt something was completely off. Then I realized it was a particular style, they were going for and was on board with it.

I Live Alone (2021) Review – Horror Movie

The final scene

Bonnie Aarons’ final scene in I Live Alone was absolutely brilliant in my book. I could have watched a much longer version of this scene as a short film and have been extremely well entertained.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the other actors, because I definitely did. The opening scene has Nyaling Marenah (Snowfall) simply being on the phone, as her character Parker, talking to a friend about going to live with her aunt. Again, I loved this beginning.

I am completely enthralled when these actors are just given space to tell the story. As soon as too much begin happening around the actors, the overall mood and vibe just become weaker, which is a shame.

Actually, I do want to really highlight Nyaling Marenah because she delivers a very strong and natural performance. Whenever it felt a bit weak, it was never her acting but rather the storyline and I can’t blame her for that. She’s still fairly new, so I hope to see more projects with Nyaling Marenah in the cast in the near future.

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Krsy Fox is the writer and director of I Live Alone and it’s obvious that’s she’s creating her own distinct style and vibe right now. Also out from her in 2021 is the horror movie Frank which she stars in herself and also Bonnie Aarons.

I am not completely on board with some of the slower and drawn-out scenes where the background or special effects are used. However, when Krsy Fox writes and directs scenes that highlight the actor on-screen, then it is pure magic. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised since she was an actor for years before directing.

She’s worked under the names Christine Danielle and Christine Connolly. She was in In the Land of Women and is also in this movie. Aside from Bonnie Aarons, Nyaling Marenah, and Krsy Fox, I Live Alone also stars Mark Kelly (Jakob’s Wife, Fear The Walking Dead), Radek Lord (The Resident), and Sonya Eddy.

If you’re in the mood for something new and innovative by a director, who I for one am keeping my horror eyes on now, then be sure to check out I Live Alone. Just know, that it does have a few slower moments along the way. That final scene with Bonnie Aarons though?! Wow, more of that, please!

I Live Alone is out on Digital on December 21, 2021.


Writer & Director: Krsy Fox
Stars: Bonnie Aarons, Nyaling Marenah, Mark Kelly, Radek Lord, Sonya Eddy, Krsy Fox, Fawn Irish


I Live Alone tells the story of sixteen-year-old Parker who must stay with her reclusive and paranoid Aunt Len while her mother is sick in the hospital. When the neighbors start to disappear and strange sounds start to ascend from the basement, Parker quickly realizes her Aunt lives alone for a reason.

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