PACT OF SILENCE on Netflix is a new crime, drama, thriller, and mystery series from Mexico (org. title: Pacto De Silencio). With a whopping 18 episodes, it isn’t exactly a quick watch. Also, it has quite the telenovela vibe, but at least it stays true to this. Read our Pact of Silence series review here!

PACT OF SILENCE is a new Netflix revenge series from Mexico (org. title: Pacto De Silencio). It’s a crime, drama, thriller, mystery genre-mix of a series that could easily be described simply as a telenovela. Now, I don’t mean this in any bad way, but rather to manage the expectations of anyone contemplating watching this.

It does have 18 episodes and it’s not that the episodes are short. Each episode is around the 45-minute mark, so there’s a lot of drama and quite a few plot twists to get through. Also, plenty of crime and some deaths. I won’t do any spoilers (we never do), but it does wrap up everything nicely in the final episode.

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A very soapy premise, but it works

To be fair, even the core plot of Pact of Silence does sound like something out of a soap opera or telenovela. In that sense, anyone watching the series should have an idea of what to expect.

We meet the young and successful influencer, Brenda, who had a very rough childhood. She was abandoned as a baby and feels like she was left for dead. Whether this was actually the case is something you’ll have to watch the series to find out.

In any case, Brenda is now a successful adult woman with a mission; She wants to find out who her biological mother is.

The first clue is finding the woman who was there on the night she was abandoned. This woman can only point her towards four women, who were teenage girls at the time. Brenda decides to infiltrate the lives of the four women. The goal is of course to discover which one of them is the mother who abandoned her at birth.

In many ways, this is both a mystery and a revenge story. As Brenda sets out to find her mother – and the three friends who helped cover for her mother’s pregnancy and birth – with the clear goal of getting revenge.

Pact of Silence – Review | Netflix Series

Meet the child and her four potential mothers

As the absolute star of Pact of Silence, we have Camila Valero (Unstoppable) as Brenda Rey. She’s a social media influencer with more than 10 million followers and a sad childhood. Seriously, she was raised in parts of the streets, so it really was a tough beginning to her life. This was the result of her being abandoned as a baby by four private school kids.

As the four potential mothers, we get the housewife, Fernanda Alarcón, played by Adriana Louvier (¡Que viva México!). Marimar Vega (El Juego de las Llaves) portrays Martina Robles, a realtor, while Litzy (Who Killed Sara?) is the author, Sofía Estrada. And finally, as the congresswoman Irene Bustamante, we see Kika Edgar (La Reina del Sur).

The headmistress of the private school, who helped the four girls on the night Brenda was abandoned, is portrayed by Chantal Andere (La Usurpadora). The character’s name is Ramona Castro and she’s now a philanthropist helping girls and young women. Oh yes, that stings!

Of course, the series also has a few key male characters. We do need some steamy scenes and good guys, after all. The male characters include Adriano, Irene’s stepson, portrayed by José Manuel Rincón (Monarca). Martín Barba (The Return) as Alex, who helps Brenda in her search for her mother. And also Erick Chapa (Enemigo Íntimo) as Rodrigo, Fernanda’s husband. To name just a few, obviously.

Watch Pact of Silence / Pacto de silencio on Netflix now!

The new Mexican Netflix series was directed by Carlos Villegas Rosales (La Reina del Sur) and written by José Vicente Spataro (Minas de pasión). The two have experience with telenovelas and other genre productions with a telenovela-vibe, so obviously they know what works.

As already revealed in both the teaser and trailer on Netflix, Pact of Silence (org. title: Pacto de silencio) may start out as a revenge story, but it also results in love and loss of various kinds. Of course, it does, because such is the nature of anything with a telenovela vibe. Also, how else could this story need 18 episodes to be told?!

If you like the Spanish Netflix series Thursday’s Widows which came out a few weeks prior to this Mexican release, you should check this new series as well. And if you do like Pacto de silencio you should definitely check out Las viudas de los jueves if you haven’t already.

All 18 episodes of Pact of Silence / Pacto de silencio can be found on Netflix from October 11, 2023.


Director: Carlos Villegas Rosales
Writer: José Vicente Spataro
Cast: Camila Valero, Marimar Vega, Adriana Louvier, Kika Edgar, Litzy, Chantal Andere, José Manuel Rincón, Martín Barba, Rodolfo Salas


A big-time social media influencer plunges headfirst into the lives of four women fueled by a thirst for the truth about her birth — and revenge.

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