THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS is a deliciously meta follow-up to the Matrix trilogy. As always, it’s about destiny versus free choice. And above all, love! For me, Lana Wachowski has created some magic with this one. Read our full The Matrix Resurrections movie review here!

THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS is the long-awaited sequel to The Matrix trilogy that came out around the turn of the century. The movies were released between 1999 and 2003. And a lot has changed since then. Especially in terms of how we interact with the digital world through devices.

For me, Lana Wachowski has created a little bit of magic with this one. Even if it is a bit too long. I can easily accept this (which is mostly due to long action sequences) when the meta layers and very direct commentary are simply golden elements.

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Familiar faces from the world of the Wachowskis

While you already know that Keanu Reeves is back as Neo and Carrie-Ann Moss is back as Trinity, you will also see new faces. Some of them play new characters while others play familiar characters. All is explained and nothing feels like a cop-out or a reason for changing actors.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Candyman, Watchmen) is a very different kind of “Morpheus” and has the coolest wardrobe. Jada Pinkett-Smith is as much of a badass as an almost 90-year-old “Niobe” as she was as the young rebel.

Also, having Jonathan Groff (Mindhunter) as a very different kind of Smith (played by Hugo Weaving in the original) makes perfect sense. As does the fact that he now insists on calling Keanu Reeves’ character “Tom”.

His name inside the Matrix is “Thomas Anderson”, which isn’t a name he acknowledges either since he goes by Neo. However, deadnaming is still Smith’s favorite thing to do. However, in other ways, Smith is also different.

Of course, he was already different by the third movie, so we shouldn’t expect the Agent Smith of The Matrix (1999).

Among the new characters in The Matrix Resurrections, you will see many familiar faces from other productions by The Wachowskis. Especially the Netflix series Sense8 and many out LGBTQ actors such as Neil Patrick Harris in a key role.

This makes perfect sense as this was always what the storyline in The Matrix was all about; Becoming who you really are!

There are so many intriguing new characters, but I do also have to highlight “Bugs”. She’s played by Jessica Henwick (Love and Monsters) who does great things with this character.

The Matrix Resurrections – Review | Sci-fi action

Neo and Trinity: A love story

Overall, this movie is a very meta follow-up to that original trilogy. From the comments about being forced to do a sequel, to our interactions with a digital world and how it isn’t all bad. You just need to know how to use it in a positive way and not let it lead, use or consume you.

As always with the Matrix (and most movies by the Wachowskis), the story is about destiny versus free choice. But above all, it’s about love! Don’t take my word for it. Just read the dedication from Lana Wachowski to her parents at the end of the credits.

Speaking of end credits, make sure you stick around for the end credit scenes at the very end of the credits. Otherwise, you’ll never find the answer to this question: What is the Catrix?

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Lana Wachowski is the sole director of The Matrix Resurrections and to me, this is probably everything I never knew, I always wanted from a follow-up sequel.

Still, I am very curious about how people will react to this movie. Will they love the meta layer and enjoy getting to step back into the world? I suspect those that accept the real story and background for the matrix universe will.

However, people have changed a lot in the 20 years, and “taking the red pill” has gotten a connotation that is the opposite of what The Wachowskis stand for. Both then and now. If you can’t see the transitioning element of the Matrix, then I wonder what kind of movies you were watching.

Also, you might also want to wonder why both Neo and Trinity are so important and why the role of the woman (Trinity, in this case) is different this time. In any case, I certainly enjoyed this deliciously meta follow-up to the Matrix trilogy. In fact, I can’t wait to rewatch The Matrix Resurrections again!

The Matrix Resurrections is out in theaters and on HBO Max from December 22, 2021.


Director: Lana Wachowski
Writers: Lana Wachowski, David Mitchell, Aleksandar Hemon
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jonathan Groff, Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick Harris, Jada Pinkett Smith, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Christina Ricci, Lambert Wilson, Max Riemelt, Brian J. Smith


To find out if his reality is a physical or mental construct, Mr. Anderson, aka Neo, will have to choose to follow the white rabbit once more. If he’s learned anything, it’s that choice, while an illusion, is still the only way out of – or into – the Matrix. Neo already knows what he has to do, but what he doesn’t yet know is that the Matrix is stronger, more secure and far more dangerous than ever before.

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