The Netflix series LOCKE & KEY twist ending was quite mind-blowing. If you want the twist ending explained, then check out this Locke & Key season 1 ending feature. Beware, this is full of spoilers for the Netflix series. *SPOILERS*

Netflix series Locke & Key twist ending left many viewers shocked and thrilled. However, the season finale was also full of plot twists, so you might feel like you’ve missed out on some of them. With this feature, we’re going over the core elements to do a Locke & Key ending explained piece for you.

Essentially, we’ve just made a Locke & Key twist ending of season 1 feature, which touches on elements from the entire plot of the season. Also, it leans heavily into what could be an awesome season 2 of Locke & Key.

As always, these “ending explained”-pieces are full of spoilers regarding key plot elements from the subject at hand.

If you’re looking for a spoiler-free review of Locke & Key season 1, then just click here >

Netflix Series LOCKE & KEY Twist Ending Explained

Netflix series Locke & Key twist ending explained

Let’s get right to it and cover the three main twists in the Locke & Key season 1 ending.

Who did the kids throw through the Black Door in the Locke & Key season finale?

Well, it wasn’t Dodge that’s for sure. After all, Dodge has the key that can make you change your face. Dodge used this key to empose her own face onto Ellie and then knocked her out.

So, when “Dodge” wakes up after having been knocked out, the kids are already pushing her through the black door. When “Dodge” cries out for help, it seems quite heartbreaking and real because it is.

The person they’re throwing into the weird black void is actually Ellie. The last remaining of the kids in the group the Locke kids father was part of. Ellie is now gone and Dodge is very much still around to cause havoc!

What happens to Ellie on the other side of the Black Door?

Ellie might just be in suspension or she could be dead. Also, Ellie just might turn into a demon herself.

The truth is, we just don’t know. And by “we” I mean the collective we, as in all of us.

Even the showrunners have stated that this is a question for season 2 of Locke & Key.

Bonus info: The Black Door is also known as the Omega Door because only the key shaped as the Omega symbol could open it. Also, the door itself is shaped as the Omega letter.

What is on the other side of the Omega Door?

The Omega Door (aka the Black Door) is opened in the season 1 finale of Locke & Key, but we still don’t know exactly what’s behind it.

However, it’s not anything good that’s for sure. In fact, it looks very sinister and it’s not something we want to let into our world. Even Dodge fears being trapped on the other side of the Omega Door.

One of the showrunners simply calls it “Demon jelly” and you know that can’t be good.

Did something come through the Black Door?

Yes, we already know that something came through the Black Door / Omega Door. We saw a bullet of light hit Eden (the girl Tyler hooked up with briefly at the beginning of season 1).

Also, we know that this is what went wrong for the Locke kids’ father and his group of friends a generation earlier. They also opened the door and Lucas was hit by a bullet of light (also known as a “demon bullet”). When this happened, he pretty quickly turned into a demon of sorts who they had to kill.

Actually, Rendell (the father of Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode) was the one who had to kill Lucas. Rendell’s younger brother, Duncan, saw this and they had to take away all his childhood memories to protect both themselves and him. Watching your brother kill someone is pretty traumatic so they did what they had to do.

Why does Lucas come back?

Lucas appears to come back in Season 1 of Locke & Key, but he’s still as young as ever. Ellie believes that she has called back an echo of him, but it’s actually just Dodge once again.

By using the face-swapping key (aka the Identity Key), Dodge switched between being the female Dodge and the young Lucas.

Is Eden a demon now?

Yes, Eden is now a demon after having been hit by a demon bullet when the Black Door was opened.

In the final scenes of season 1, we see Eden eating a table full of food at the diner. This was exactly what Dodge did when she was first let out of the well. Remember, Dodge was known as “Well Lady” until they knew her name.

Dodge was originally let out by Bode, who traded his awesome Anywhere Key for help. Help that Dodge never offered afterward, of course. She simply used the Anywhere Key to walk out one door and directly into a new place. Just as Bode has used the key to go get ice cream when he first found it.

Are there other demons in Matheson?

Yes, Gabe is also a demon.

Gabe was the second love interest for Kinsey, who never did manage to choose between him and Scot with one T. Then again, she didn’t have to since Scot chose for her by saying he was not going to be part of this “throuple” she seemed to want.

However, Gabe is not a new demon. He isn’t even an additional demon. Gabe is just yet another face that Dodge used to move around the small town and interact with people.

That Identity Key really is the key (pun intended) to just about every single plot twist in the Locke & Key ending.

Input from the Locke & Key showrunners

Netflix has released a Locke & Key Twist Ending Explained video on YouTube which features the showrunners explaining everything. Do check it out if you’re still wondering about a few things or want to put faces to the names.

Watch the video about the Locke & Key twist ending below…

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