INDIAN PREDATOR: THE DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER on Netflix is a new true-crime documentary series in three parts. This is the second season of the anthology docu-series. Read our full Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer series review here!

INDIAN PREDATOR: THE DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER is a new Netflix true-crime documentary series. Or rather, it’s the second season of the anthology docu-series where the first season (or first case) was titled Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi. The new case is about the serial killer, Ram Niranjan aka Raja Kolandar.


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Just like the first time around, this true-crime story is also told in three episodes. I have to say, watching this, I was almost as shocked by the crimes as I was by the statements from those working the case. It’s both strange and scary, but I am of course also watching this from a very different part of the world.

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“All serial killers keep a diary!” as did Ram Niranjan aka Raja Kolandar

As already mentioned in the above introduction to this review, I was shocked by some of the statements I heard. Especially from police investigators and experts involved with the case. For one, there is an expert who states – in a very matter-of-fact way – that all serial killers keep a diary.

They go on to show plenty of known examples of this. Though, to be precise, some of them have more to do with trophies or writing things in code. Not just “keeping a diary”. Plus, any serial killer that was not known to keep a diary is simply omitted. They would, of course, ruin this impressive “line-up” meant to prove a very fictional point.

Look, we all know that serial killers love their trophies – even Dexter Morgan couldn’t keep from having his little blood spatter souvenirs. But when something is stated so definitively as a fact, from someone actively working on a case, the hairs rise on the back of my neck.

Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer – Netflix Review

Some pretty wild statements

We’ve also seen plenty of documentaries about innocent people being convicted and it’s precisely due to these prejudices. Now, I am not saying that the man in The Diary of a Serial killer is innocent. But I am saying that the fact that he keeps a diary certainly is not what convinces me of his guilt.

Nor should it convince those working the case.

And this case is very brutal and dramatic, I will give them that. These cops are heroes in both their own minds and in those who have read about the crimes.

Also, I realize that these statements from interviews can easily be taken out of context. But good Lord, they do deliver some amazing sound bites. From not believing someone could be having an affair because “her age and facial features” clearly disproved this. In other words; she wasn’t young and pretty enough for the police to buy that!

The police have their own interrogation methods

Or how they get criminals to confess. Or, you know, potential criminals who will definitely be guilty by the time they’re done with the interrogation. As several people state – in different ways and at different times – the police have their own interrogation methods! And then go on to say “they beat them”.

Mind you, this is not stated as a bad thing or anything like that. Instead, it’s simply meant to explain that this is how things are done.

Again, I know I’m not from that part of the world. So I think about evidence and they create conclusions based solely on what works for them. It’s very strange to sit back and watch this and not be appalled. Especially because you can’t help but wonder how many innocent people are jailed. And how many guilty people are left to continue their crimes!

Watch Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer on Netflix

The three episodes in The Diary of a Serial Killer are each around 45 minutes, so you can binge-watch this in one sitting if you want. And yes, each episode does tend to end in such a way that you will want to.

The convicted serial killer goes by several names, so you’ll need to stay focused. Ram Niranjan is his name but he goes more by Raja Kolandar. The latter is used mostly at first in this docu-series.

I realize I have focused a lot on the police and their strange statements in this review of the new Netflix docu-series. However, it’s difficult not to, when at least 80 percent of the true crime case is based on their statements. We mostly hear them talk about the case, so this is what you have to relate to. And it’s pretty wild but also intriguing.

To be fair, it isn’t like we haven’t heard some crazy statements made by police investigators in both Europe and the US as well. So I’m not saying this is all about Indian police detectives being wild and weird. But they do share a lot – including things that they should probably keep to themselves.

In any case, yes, this true-crime case is wild and you will definitely want to watch it if you’re into true-crime documentaries.

Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer is out on Netflix from September 7, 2022.


When a suspect is found in a journalist’s murder, the case is considered closed until a secret diary suggests 13 more victims — and possible cannibalism.

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