BLEED WITH ME is a new horror thriller with a very slow-burn pace. The plot is a bit of a mind game, but it works. It just won’t be for everyone and that’s fine. Still, it takes nothing away from it being good filmmaking. Read our Bleed with Me review here!

BLEED WITH ME is a new horror thriller that has a very distinct vibe. It won’t be for everyone but that’s okay. I’m sure this movie will still find its audience just fine.

We screened this movie for Fantasia 2020 and I definitely expected something different than what this movie turned out to be. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this movie but I do know that I liked it overall. Just not in the way I expected.

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The creepy slow-burner

A lot of the story in Bleed with Me happens without us knowing. Or rather, you won’t get to see everything and you can’t trust what you do see.

Essentially, this puts you in the same situation as the lead character, Rowan (Lee Marshall). She’s quite confused and there’s a big chance that she’s dealing with some serious mental illness issues. Then again, something else might be going on.

Her sweet and caring friend, Emily, who sometimes seems pretty damn creepy is portrayed poignantly by Lauren Beatty.

The cast of Bleed with Me definitely manages to keep me intrigued even when the slow-burn becomes too slow. Excruciatingly so and yet, I recognize that this is exactly the point of it.

Bleed With Me Review (Fantasia Thriller)

Bleed with Me at Fantasia 2020 and later on Shudder

Amelia Moses wrote and directed Bleed with Me. This is her second feature film and both are released here in 2020. Also, both involve blood though in very different ways.

The other movie Amelia Moses has coming out in 2020 is Bloodthirsty which also stars Lauren Beatty from Bleed with Me but wasn’t written by Amelia Moses as well.

Prior to making these two movies, Amelia Moses wrote and directed the short film Undress Me in 2017. She’s also worked as a cinematographer on a few short films, so she’s quite the jack of all trades when it comes to filmmaking.

As already stated, Bleed with Me is a movie that offers a different kind of pace and vibe than most. I both enjoyed this and was expecting something different, so I couldn’t quite “gel” with it as much as I wanted to. However, I can hardly blame the movie for this, so I would recommend that you check it out for yourself.

We screened Bleed with Me at Fantasia 2020. It will be released on Shudder on August 10, 2021.


Director: Amelia Moses
Writer: Amelia Moses
Stars: Lee Marshall, Lauren Beatty, Aris Tyros


During a winter getaway at an isolated cabin, a self-destructive young woman becomes convinced that her best friend is stealing her blood.

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