BLOODTHIRSTY is a new werewolf horror movie of a very different kind. It’s a slow-burn experience and not for everyone. Personally, I liked the LGBTQ characters and I definitely loved the music. Read our full Bloodthirsty movie review here!

BLOODTHIRSTY is a new horror movie in the werewolf niche. It’s character-based and very much a slow-burn experience. Personally, I liked the LGBTQ characters and the fact that it wasn’t any kind of issue. The lead character is simply in a relationship with another woman and that’s it. As it should be!

Also, I definitely loved the music. This is the kind of soundtrack I could quickly have on repeat.

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A very different kind of werewolf movie

In Bloodthirsty, the usual werewolf rules don’t apply. Much as was the case with the vampire movie Boys from County Hell which is released around the same time. Find that one on Shudder and read our Boys from County Hell review here!

Back to this new werewolf movie where you don’t get cursed by being bit. Our lead character, Grey (Lauren Beatty) doesn’t become a werewolf through contact with another werewolf. Instead, it’s inside her all along and she is struggling to keep it down.

In fact, she thinks she’s merely hallucinating when her eyes change color and her fingernails turn into claws. And hey, maybe she is hallucinating?! Her doctor (played by Michael Ironside) certainly thinks so and prescribes pills and treatment of all kinds.

Bloodthirsty (2021) Horror Review

Too reminiscent of Raw

From the second I saw the Bloodthirsty poster (or cover art), I got a distinct Raw vibe. This is fine as long as this is just for the promotional art or it’s acknowledged. Well, it’s not just the art and I didn’t catch any acknowledgment of inspiration from Raw.

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Sure, it could just be a coincidence but from the look of the poster to the “I’m a vegan who ends up trying meat only to discover that I’m actually a mythical flesh-craving creature of some kind”-storyline, it’s just too much. Right down to the nighttime visit to the fridge to eat raw meat. Sure, in Raw is was chicken and in Bloodthirsty it’s beef.

Still, after the huge success of Raw, it feels too close to home.

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Amelia Moses is the director of Bloodthirsty and this is the second feature from her. We reviewed her feature film debut Bleed with Me when it screened at Fantasia in 2020. She also wrote her debut film, while this latest movie had other scriptwriters. So, while you might see a bloody theme, it isn’t all Amelia Moses.

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The screenwriters for Bloodthirsty are Wendy Hill-Tout and Lowell. The two are mother and daughter and it’s quite the interesting werewolf story they’ve created here. Lowell is also the songwriter for this movie that features many gorgeous songs. And yes, the story is based (to a point) on Lowell’s own experience as an artist.

Something Amelia Moses clearly also related to and which makes the movie work. To a point. Also, I can easily appreciate the “monster within”-aspect. I’m just a bit on the fence about how well it works. I mean, it does work for me. Just not without reservations.

For this reason, I can’t really go higher with my rating. At the same time, I would never even consider going lower. There is so much potential in this story and movie. I just can’t help but feel that it could have been better if taken in a slighter different direction.

Bloodthirsty is out On Demand and Digital from April 23, 2021.


Release Date: On Demand and Digital on April 23, 2021
Director: Amelia Moses
Co-Writers: Wendy Hill-Tout and Lowell
Stars: Lauren Beatty, Greg Bryk, Katharine King So, Judith Buchan, Michael Ironside


After teaming up with a mysterious producer at his remote cabin, Grey’s music transforms. She’s disturbed to find that so does her body and mind. And it starts with a yearning for blood.

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