THE WRATH OF GOD on Netflix is a new mystery thriller from Argentina. The small cast along with a tight and simple plot makes for a solid movie. Based on the Guillermo Martínez novel “The Book of Murder”. Read our The Wrath of God movie review here!

THE WRATH OF GOD is a new Netflix movie from Argentina (org. title La Ira de Dios). We’re in the drama, mystery, and thriller genres. And yes, quite a few people will die before the end credits. However, in this movie, it’s more about who is left behind than who dies.

This movie has exactly the kind of dark and gritty style, that I enjoy in any psychological thriller. Also, the story begins in one place and then we go back twelve years. Those twelve years have taken quite a toll on the main characters. Something you can easily believe once we get into the events that began 12 years earlier.

Continue reading our The Wrath of God movie review below. The movie is out on Netflix on June 15, 2022.

Just a series of unfortunate events?

There are essentially three main core characters in The Wrath of God. Luciana is a young woman who seems to be losing her entire family in very strange ways. They simply keep dying. She’s convinced that the famous crime author, Kloster, is responsible.

To help her prove this before every family member is dead, she asks a journalist, Esteban Rey, for help exposing his dark deeds.

But is it all really a very elaborate revenge scheme or is the main protagonist just paranoid and very unfortunate?! Coincidence or straight-up murder? That’s the mystery that needs to be solved. This latest Netflix movie is based on the novel “The Book of Murder” by Guillermo Martínez.

In other words, if you know the book, you’ll probably know the answer.

The Wrath of God (2022) Review – Netflix Thriller

Strong core cast

Diego Peretti plays the role of Kloster. An author that never really smiles and is quite the creeper – in most ways imaginable. He does an excellent job of portraying a very unlikable character. Especially in terms of highlighting the fact that just because you act like a total creep, you’re not necessarily a murderer. But, on the other hand, could be!

The investigative journalist, Esteban, is played by Juan Minujín (El marginal). He is barely functioning at his job and already holds a grudge toward Kloster, so he is quick to help Luciana. Also, Luciana worked as an assistant for both writers as they were both working on books twelve years earlier.

Luciana B is portrayed by Macarena Achaga (Amar a muerte). She does an impressive job of delicately threading that particular line between coming across as absolutely crazy and being very trustworthy.

The ending of The Wrath of God on Netflix

The Wrath of God ending will probably be one that you either love or hate. Is it definitive? Well, you can view the ending of this Netflix movie as being very definitive if you accept what the characters are saying.

Is it still a little open-ended? Oh, absolutely.

Personally, I enjoyed the ending of The Wrath of God. It just feels more real than anything wrapped up too nicely. Did I like the actual details of how the story ended? Good Lord, no. Still, it feels just right for the story we’ve just witnessed.

Watch The Wrath of God on Netflix now!

Sebastián Schindel is the director of the new Netflix movie The Wrath of God. He previously directed another Netflix movie titled The Crimes That Bind which was released in 2020. That movie was actually the first Netflix original film from Argentina.

For this latest Argentinian Netflix movie, Sebastián Schindel is also the screenwriter along with Pablo Del Teso. The two actually also wrote The Crimes That Bind (org. title Crímenes de familia). It would appear both their working relationship and the cooperation with Netflix were very successful.

The Wrath of God is based on the novel “The Book of Murder” by Guillermo Martínez. The original title was “La Muerte Lenta de Luciana B” and it was released in 2007. Just a few years earlier, he wrote the book “The Oxford Murders” which was adapted into a feature film in 2008 starring Elijah Wood and John Hurt.

The eerie vibe and strong, but simple, story of The Wrath of God is what worked for me. There was a bit too much back and forth over the timelines. However, it only took seconds to know where on the timeline we were at any given time. Overall, this is the kind of movie that just works really well!

The Wrath of God (org. title La Ira de Dios) is out on Netflix worldwide from June 15, 2022.


Director: Sebastián Schindel
Writers: Pablo Del Teso, Sebastián Schindel, Guillermo Martínez (novel)
Stars: Macarena Achaga, Juan Minujín, Diego Peretti


Luciana is involved in a loop of mysterious family deaths that keeps getting tighter by the minute. Her boss, an enigmatic writer, overlooks the scene with a horror veil and a guilty demeanor. While obsessively fighting to save her only remaining relative, her sister Valentina, alive, she will find herself in a crossroads between reason and death. A race against time to bring her truth out and a final blood pact to end this avengement.

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