GRIMCUTTY on Hulu is a new horror movie about a scary Internet meme – not unlike Slenderman. However, this horror mystery works surprisingly well. And has quite the social commentary as well. Read our full Grimcutty movie review here!

GRIMCUTTY is a new Hulu horror movie being released this month of Halloween. The plot in this movie plays out over a short period and features a scary Internet meme that seems real. In that sense, it’s very reminiscent of Slenderman.


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Like Slenderman, it also has long legs and arms along with huge hands and a big ol’ face with a sick horror smile. To me, this Hulu horror movie works much better due to the added element of social commentary, which works remarkably well.

Continue reading our Grimcutty movie review below. The movie is out on Hulu from October 10, 2022.

This works better than expected

As already covered above, there is plenty of reason to compare Slenderman (or Slender Man) to Grimcutty. Both are based on Internet memes (of the creepypasta kind), they are supernatural beings with long limbs and they come for children and teenagers.

However, unlike Slender Man, the Grimcutty isn’t faceless. This entity has a huge head with a smile that seems to stretch from ear to ear in a menacing way. Oh, and red eyes that seem to glow.

The Slender Man movie that was made was not exactly good. Objectively speaking, it was just a shoddy production that wanted to cash in on the hype and not actually make a decent movie. Subjectively speaking, the story was severely lacking and it had neither lessons nor entertainment value of any kind.

Grimcutty is a far better production with a better story and some important lessons.

Grimcutty (2022) – Review | Horror on Hulu / Disney+

Feed the frenzy

The tagline for Grimcutty is “Feed the Frenzy” which makes perfect sense. As is often the case, this internet meme seems to truly thrive when people are talking about it. And the people talking about it are not the kids, who seem to otherwise be affected by it.

No, it all stems from a mommyblogger, who gets all the parents in a tizzy. The teens usually know nothing about it until the parents try to warn them about this thing. Thus helping to spread the message and make it grow larger and stronger.

Also, since it spreads via the Internet (as Internet memes do), parents try to take away all online devices from their kids. Never mind that they need these objects to do school work. It’s the perfect example of parents trying to “help their kids” without truly understanding what’s going on.

Parents talk to parents, while the kids (teenagers and younger) talk to one another and are confused by their parents’ strangely identical behavior. This makes Grimcutty relevant in ways I never expected.

Watch Grimcutty on Hulu (or Disney+) now!

John Ross is the writer and director of Grimcutty, and he clearly has a huge passion for horror and genre stories. He also wrote and directed the sci-fi mystery Freaky Faron in 2006, but other than this, he tends to work on short films and TV series.

Most recently, The Birch series on Facebook WatchHowever, he also worked on the Don’t Watch This horror mini-series as well as 1 Minute HorrorBite Size Horror, and Bite Size Halloween. So yeah, a lot of horror.

The cast in Grimcutty consists of both new and familiar faces. It stars Sara Wolfkind, Shannyn Sossamon, Usman Ally, and Alona Tal. To name just a few. And while the cast works well, the story is what really kept it interesting. I don’t think I’ll ever watch this again, but I was well-entertained when did.

Grimcutty is out on Hulu in the US (and Disney+ in many other countries) from October 10, 2022.


Writer & Director: John William Ross
Cast: Sara Wolfkind, Usman Ally, Shannyn Sossamon, Callan Farris, Alona Tal, Kayden Koshalev, Joel Ezra Hebner


In this modern creature feature, a scary internet meme called “Grimcutty” stirs up panic amongst all the parents in town, convinced it’s making their kids harm themselves and others. When a real-life version of Grimcutty starts attacking teen Asha Chaudry (Sara Wolfkind), her parents believe that she’s cutting herself as part of a challenge. With her phone taken away and no one who believes her, Asha has to figure out how to get through to her parents and stop the Grimcutty once and for all. 

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