Don’t Watch This is a new horror addition to Netflix, which basically consists of 5 separate horror short films. Unfortunately, the name of this series is all too appropriate. With one exception!

Don’t Watch This was just released on Netflix. The streaming service probably meant this as a Halloween treat, but it feels more like an April’s Fool joke.

The series consists of 5 horror short films. The runtime varies from just over 2 minutes to around 6-7 minutes.

Some are weird, some are bad, and one is actually kinda cool.

The 5 horror shorts of Netflix’ Don’t Watch This

Season one of Don’t Wath This (if you can call it a season) consist of 5 short films (or episodes, if you will). We’ve done a quick rundown of the five horror shorts here.

Friendship Bracelet 

This one is actually from Crypt TV. The plot is about the outcast girl, Julie, who goes to extremes to make two popular girls her best friends. This contains plenty of blood and some good moments.

Our verdict of episode 1, Friendship Bracelet, is 2/5


The second movie is from Propagate Content and was made by the executive producers of Haunted. This story is about a hacker (looking both tired and old), who get lured into a virtual reality game on the dark web. Here he turns into someone who looks more like He-Man and has to solve three challenges — with pretty nasty results.

Our verdict of episode 2, CTRL+ALT+DEL, is 1/5


This very short horror bit is apparently from the weird and demented minds at Netflix. Ominous symbols, strange bodily horrors, and other weirdness converge in a strange nightmare. I did not like it at all. It was like one of those short films that become part of a short film programme and ruins the entire experience.

Our verdict of episode 3, Incommodum, is 1/5

Keep Out

Yet another horror short from Crypt TV. Unfortunately, it has as much a lack of story as the first one. But at least the quality is pretty good. When friends, Noah and Alex, break into a long-abandoned house to shoot one last spooky viral video, they discover they’re not alone.

Our verdict of episode 4, Keep Out, is 3/5

Antoni Psycho

Finally, something that shows a lot more promise. The last episode is from the executive producers of Queer Eye, which is another Netflix series. The Queer Eye food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski, shares the secrets of his healthy morning rituals, and hints of a darker side emerge. And yes this is very much a nod to American Psycho.

Our verdict of episode 5, Antoni Psycho, is 4/5

Don’t Watch This – no, really!

It does seem very strange that the name of this Netflix horror short film collection is Don’t Watch This. Surely, it’s meant to strike fear into the audience. Or build expectation with horror fans.

Once you’ve watched the five horror short films, you realize it was possibly just a warning.

In fact, I can’t really recommend that you do watch this. However, I do love both horror movies and have a weakness for short films. With that in mind, I hope this will be at least a mild success.

I mean, the likes of David F. Sandberg (Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation) started his career just a few years ago with a horror short that went viral.

Basically, if you love horror and short films, I would recommend that you check out our list of horror shorts. All of them are available to watch for free.

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Horror on Netflix

This little horror surprise suddenly showed up on Netflix, and we always want to support any interest in the genre. If you do have Netflix, then you can watch all five episodes in around 30 minutes.

Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy more of them than we did. And we did really enjoy the one with Antoni Porowski from Netflix’ popular reboot of the reality show Queer Eye. It’s the very last horror short film and one you definitely should not miss!

Don’t Watch This is out on Netflix now!


Cast: John Salandria | Bri Leone | Jacob Nichols | Antoni Porowski | Katie Anne Moy | Acacia Marquez


Ghoulish creatures, dark obsessions and unsettling visions await in this hair-raising set of short horror films. You’ve been warned.

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