FERIA: THE DARKEST LIGHT on Netflix is a new Spanish horror-thriller series with a supernatural twist. From the makers of Elite, who know how to work their audience. Admittedly, it’s slow-burn but I am curious. Full Feria: The Darkest Light Season 1 review here!

FERIA: THE DARKEST LIGHT is a new Netflix series from Spain (org. title Feria: La luz más oscura). This genre-bender of a series definitely has a lot going for it. We’re talking horror, thriller, crime, fantasy, drama, and a whole lot of mystery.


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In this Spanish Netflix series, we’re dealing with both forces of nature and human nature. Also, there are supernatural elements to the story, and new, fascinating creatures appear fairly early on in the season. There are 8 episodes (each around 1 hour) in season 1.

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Cult-life in a small town

When Feria: The Darkest Light begins, it seems like any other series featuring teenagers. However, all of this changes very quickly, when 23 people are found dead from what looks to be mass suicide. Quickly, the suicides are thought to be the result of a cult based in the small Spanish town of “Feria”.


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The two main characters are young sisters, Eva and Sofía, who quickly learn that the small town mentality can turn sour very fast. The parents of these two sisters are suspected of being in charge of the cult. However, their parents disappeared just as the mass suicide took place.

While there is no real evidence of their parents being responsible for anything, the small-town people cannot accept (or believe) that the sisters aren’t part of the said cult as well. However, the viewer will know that this is all very new to them as well. You can’t help but feel for them and understand that they act off. In very different ways, I might add.

Feria: The Darkest Light – Review | Netflix Series

A character-driven genre-hybrid

There is no getting around the fact that it’s slow-burn. In fact, it’s probably too slow, but I still continued to be curious about what came next. That’s definitely a quality in and of itself. Plus, the visual effects used are impressive and used fairly sparsely. The characters are what’s driving the plot of this genre series.


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Since Feria: The Darkest Light is very character-driven, it is all-important that the casting works. Fortunately, it really does. Carla Campra (Verónica) plays one of the lead characters as the younger sister, Sofía, while Ana Tomeno (Marshland) plays the slightly older sister, Eva.

Other key characters are portrayed by Patricia López Arnaiz (The Baztan trilogy), Ángela Cremonte (Cable Girls), Marta Nieto (Madre), Carlos Scholz (Toy Boy), Pablo Gómez-Pando, and David Luque (The Head).

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Agustín Martínez and Carlos Montero are the creators of this new Spanish Netflix series. Agustín Martínez has worked on various Spanish TV series in the past and has also written novels that have been turned into series. This includes the thriller series La caza: Monteperdido, which he is also the creator of, so he is very familiar with the format.

Carlos Montero is one of the creators behind the Spanish Netflix hit series Élite (2018-2022). Two directors have worked on the episodes here in season 1: Carles Torrens and Jorge Dorado. Carles Torrens has worked on the horror anthology ABC’s of Death 2.5 (with “M is for Mom”) and directed the 2016 horror-thriller Pet.

Jorge Dorado previously worked on the HBO Max series The Head and has worked (in an assistant director capacity) on movies by some of the biggest Spanish-language directors. Both Guillermo del Toro on The Devil’s Backbone and Pedro Almodóvar on several movies.

The fact that Élite creator Carlos Montero is one of the creators behind Feria: The Darkest Light (org. title Feria: La luz más oscura) should be plenty of reason for many viewers to check it out. And really, genre fans, in general, should absolutely give this one a shot!

Feria: The Darkest Light season 1 is out on Netflix from January 28, 2022.


Creators: Agustín Martínez, Carlos Montero
Directors: Jorge Dorado, Carles Torrens
Manuscript: Agustín Martínez, Carlos Montero
Cast: Ana Tomeno, Carla Campra, Marta Nieto, Ángela Cremonte, Patricia López, Isak Férriz, Ernest Villegas


What if two teenage sisters discover that their parents are murderers? Eva and Sofia will have to face the horrible crime that their parents seem to have committed, which, before disappearing, has left behind 23 victims. This is the journey that Eva and Sofia will undertake in Feria, a small white village in the Andalusian mountains in the mid-nineties, where the inhabitants are not as naive as they appear. Where reality hides a fantastic universe.

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