ELI is a new horror movie on Netflix – perfect for Halloween. Actually, it’s more of a horror-mystery with both the plot and ending bound to divide viewers. Read our Eli review here and check it out on Netflix!

Eli is a new Netflix horror movie. I’ve been looking forward to this Netflix movie for many reasons. Especially the fact that this horror movie has quite a lot going for it in terms of filmmakers, who really do know their horror. However, it was supposed to be out in theaters and that never happened, so I was also a bit concerned about what to expect.

The music is by Bear McCreary who has done the music for TV series like The Walking DeadBlack Sails, and Battlestar Galactica. Basically, some of the most iconic themes. Also, he did the music for horror movies like Rest Stop (2006), 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)Happy Death Day and Hell Fest.

Fortunately, the music in Eli is far from the only good thing it’s got going, but it does also have some issues. Especially in terms of the actual story which I never expected. Read more about this Netflix horror movie in our full Eli review below.

A cast of familiar horror faces

The title role of Eli is played by Charlie Shotwell. Even though he is still very young, he has already been in quite a few movies. These include Captain Fantastic and All the Money in the World. Also, you’ll see him again soon in the upcoming horror movie The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre (currently in post-production).

Incidentially, that movie is directed by Charlie Shotwell’s co-star in Eli, Max Martini. You may know Max Martini from Pacific Rim or the Netflix movie Spectral from 2016. Also, he’s in The Purge TV series which I wasn’t crazy about, but others liked for some reason.

In terms of actors, you might know from horror movies, we have Kelly Reilly. She was in the truly terrifying horror-thriller Eden Lake from 2008. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.  Also, she was in season 2 of True Detective which may not be your favorite season, but Kelly Reilly sure was good in it. She’s also really good in Eli where her character is key to the plot.

Finally, I have to mention Lili Taylor of The Conjuring which launched a franchise. If one movie put horror back on the mainstream map, it’s that movie. Even people who don’t like horror watched it (and ended up scared for life, obviously). Lili Taylor has done so much other than The Conjuring. Including the The Texas Chain Saw Massacre prequel Leatherface (2017).

Eli (2019) Netflix Horror Movie Review

The ending of Eli on Netflix

While the plot Eli is, in many ways, a horror-mystery, the actual ending of Eli is very straightforward. You don’t need the ending of Eli explained if you’re just paying attention. Whether you like the ending is another thing.

Also, I think a lot of people will have questions and wonder if they did understand it correctly. Saying the movie has plot-holes might be going too far. However, the story has to take place in a somewhat alternate universe in order for everything to truly make sense.

Of course, this is very possible and you should simply pay attention (and guess along) as the story progresses. Personally, I guessed a key plot point within the first five minutes, but I was nowhere near guessing the entire thing.

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Watch Eli on Netflix now!

The new Netflix horror movie Eli was directed by Ciarán Foy. He also directed Sinister 2 (out on Netflix in the US now) which was a sequel to Sinister (2012).

The script for Eli was written by David Chirchirillo (who came up with the story) along with Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing. Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing co-wrote the brilliant The Autopsy of Jane Doe

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Also, both Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing have written several episodes of Fear the Walking Dead so they’re certainly used to working within the horror genre. David Chirchirillo co-wrote the awesome crime-comedy Cheap Thrills (2013) and the “A” segment in ABCs of Death 2. In other words, he’s also used to working within our beloved genres.

For me, Eli is not nearly as good as the previous movies of the writers. While this Netflix horror movie does have a lot of gorgeous horror elements, the actual plot misses the mark for me in too many ways. Still, I must admit I was very entertained!

Eli is out on Netflix globally from October 18, 2019.


Director: Ciarán Foy
Writers: David Chirchirillo, Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing
Stars: Charlie Shotwell, Kelly Reilly, Sadie Sink, Lili Taylor, Max Martini


After checking into a clean house to treat his auto-immune disorder, Eli, 11, begins to believe that the house is haunted. Unable to leave, Eli soon suspects that the house, and the doctor who runs it, are more sinister than they appear. 

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