Want the ELI ending explained? Or maybe you’re just a bit confused about the ending of Eli on Netflix? Well, you’re not the only one. Here’s our take on the new Netflix horror movie. *SPOILERS*

Looking for the Eli ending to be explained? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We didn’t exactly love the ending of Eli. However, in terms of horror elements, this new Netflix horror movie did actually deliver. It’s just the plot of Eli that was a bit too weird and left lots of people with a whole lot of questions.

We’ve noticed that a lot of people on social media and IMDb are confused about the ending of Eli. Some people tend to even hate it, but I wouldn’t go that far. Let’s get to our take on the ending of the new Netflix movie Eli.

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Netflix movie Eli ending explained

We’ll be going through the Eli ending by answering some of the most obvious and talked about questions.

Why did Eli react to the outside?

Eli believed that he was allergic to everything. Nothing outside actually made him react. It was all coming from within himself.

Also, some reactions were due to the medication he was receiving from Dr. Horn which consisted of holy water and other “anti-Devil” ingredients.

Was Eli actually sick?

No. But he was the son of the Devil and a human woman, which certainly made him different.

That’s key to getting the Eli ending explained; Accept that Eli was the son of the Devil.

So, the Godfearing mother made a deal with the devil to be impregnated with his child?

Oh yes… but hey, the devil did promise the ever-praying mom that little Eli wouldn’t become like his father.

Wait, women are having kids with the devil?

Yes, in the world of Eli, they apparently are. When God doesn’t answer prayers, women turn to the devil. Didn’t you know that?!

Also, are you surprised to know the story came from the mind of a man and the script was written by three people of the male persuasion?!

Neither was I.

Netflix movie ELI ending explained

Was the “clean house” a hospital created specifically to cure kids of their devil genes and turn them human?

Yes, exactly! That’s the Eli ending explained in one question and answer.

Were all the former patients also children of the devil?

Yes, according to the girl with the red hair (Sadie Sink fra Stranger Things), they were.

Who was the girl with the red hair?

She was another child of the devil and sent to help Eli escape and live up to his potential. In other words, she was Eli’s half-sister on his father’s side (which means The Devil).

Was the girl with red hair a ghost or a demon?

She was not a ghost. She was however the daughter of the Devil, so I suppose you could call her a demon of sorts. 

And the doctor was actually a nun?

Yes, Dr. Horn (Lili Taylor) was a doctor and a nun as revealed by the picture where she’s in a nun’s habit. 

What was up with the gene therapy?

Well, in this world (the one created for the Eli movie) it seemed that the nuns were also very experienced doctors. Holy water can only do so much against the devil’s offspring… Gene therapy is apparently the way to go.

So, they were doing an exorcism on Eli?

Yes… and gene therapy because apparently that’s also a thing. You know, to really get the devil bits out of those kids. Afterall, the devil is in the details… and also a bit like cancer.

That’s it, folks! Hopefully, the above Q&A helped you to get the Eli ending explained. 

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