CREEPSHOW on Shudder is out with episode 2 of Season 3. The first story in this second episode is one of the best ever. A huge horror tribute and such a treat for horror fans. It absolutely should have opened season 3. Read our Creepshow S3E2 review here!

CREEPSHOW is back with episode 2 of season 3 and now we’re back on track! The third season was off to a pretty lousy start on Shudder last week. The opening episode was both a bit of a mess and featured a story that was very familiar to that of the season 2 opening episode.


Season 3 opened with an episode that left a lot to be desired for Creepshow fans >

Fortunately, our expectations for Creepshow were most definitely met with episode 2. Well, the second story wasn’t all that great, but the first story absolutely was. In fact, it was one of the best Creepshow stories in a long time. Especially because it gave us horror fans everything we love: Iconic horror characters, nerdy horror details, and a tribute to all things horror!

Continue reading our review of the Creepshow season 3 episode 2 below. Hopefully, this episode is indicative of what the rest of the season has to offer.

Creepshow Season 3 Episode 2

The first story of S3 episode 2 is definitely the one that should have opened season 3. Yes, I’ll say it again for the people in the back. The first story is Skeletons in the Closet and it would have been perfect as a season 3 premiere.

Of course, it could quickly have felt like it was all downhill from there. But, come on, you don’t save a kick-ass story like this for a second episode. Oh well, the most important thing is that we do get to watch the story now.


Lampini loves movies more than anything, and can’t wait to show the world his prop collection…

Directed by Greg Nicotero and written by John Esposito.
Stars James Remar, Victor Rivera, Valerie LeBlanc, and Lucas Godfrey.

Also, I was very happy to see that Greg Nicotero was still the director. I was honestly beginning to fear that he had lost his touch. Clearly, that was a huge mistake on my part because he is back in strong form here. “Skeletons in the Closet” is perhaps one of the very best Creepshow stories ever. And I have enjoyed quite a few of them a lot over the years!

Creepshow season 3 “SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET”

The second story in season 3 episode 2 of Creepshow

After the strong opening of episode 2, the second story almost can’t do anything but feel like a letdown. Actually, that’s not entirely fair. Still, the follow-up story “Familiar” just doesn’t leave much of an impression.

Had it been paired with one of the stories in episode 1, it would have had more of a fair shot. The second story of episode 2 in season 3 isn’t exactly bad. It just feels bland after the kitsch and fun campy vibe of “Skeletons in the Closet”.

Plot for “FAMILIAR”

A drunken visit to a psychic leaves Jackson on edge. As time goes on, he realizes he is being followed by a dark force… will the psychic’s advice help, or leave him worse off?

Directed by Joe Lynch and written by Josh Malerman.
Stars Andrew Bachelor, Hannah Fierman, and Keith Arthur Bolden.

Watch Creepshow season 3, episode 2 on Shudder

If you’ve read the above, then I would expect that you can sense my relief and joy that episode 2 of this new Creepshow season was remarkably better than the season 3 premiere.

We don’t always review follow-up episodes here on Heaven of Horror. Not because we don’t watch it, but simply because there is new material to review every single week. Also, we see more interest in premieres than follow-up episodes. However, for this season of Creepshow, we had to review the second episode after that abysmal premiere.

Since episode 2 of season 3 (also known simply as Creepshow S3E2 in short form) is nothing short of a horror treat, I am so happy we decided to review this one as well. Creepshow is still relevant and going strong, so please keep watching this series on Shudder, so we can get even more seasons.

CREEPSHOW s3e2 will premiere exclusively on Shudder on September 30, 2021.

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