Ruin Me actually features horror fans in all our gore and glory. A group of horror lovers go on a “Slasher Sleepout”, but is it just a game or actually real? Watch this brilliant little horror movie to find out!

Ruin Me is made perfectly for horror fans. Even though the main protagonist, Alexandra, isn’t much of a horror fan, everyone else is. And we have all sorts of horror lovers in Ruin Me. From the black-wearing hardcore gore lovers to those that simply love a good horror story on film.

The entire group is out on a “Slasher Sleepout”, which is essentially like an escape room. But out in the woods. And lasting for 36 hours.

It’s not unlike another movie we recently reviewed in that sense; The Dark Military. However, we know pretty much from the beginning of The Dark Military that all the horror fans looking for an awesome Halloween experience are walking into a trap. Ruin Me is something very different. You can read our review of The Dark Military here if you’re curious.

Not only should most horror fans be able to relate to Ruin Me on many levels, they will also be entertained.

You can watch the trailer for Ruin Me (2017) right here or continue reading our review below.

Fun, games, and horror

Even though the “Slasher Sleepout” seems to be pretty hardcore, it’s clearly also meant to be all about fun and games. You get a “stop word” (or actually, it’s a phrase) and can tap out whenever you want. Of course, there are no refunds and you can’t get back in the game, once you’ve tapped out.

Also, those running the game can touch you, but you can’t touch them. Basically, everything is set up as a cool, but pretty intense game. And it definitely seems interesting for all the contestants for various reasons.

Since this is a game, there will also be a winner. However, each contestant is given different supplies, so everyone needs to work together. To begin with anyway.

Games turn deadly

While Ruin Me is definitely entertaining and fun from the beginning, the true horror comes when the games turn deadly. There’s plenty of scary moments (or jump scares, anyway) from very early on, but once the contestants start dying, it’s quite another game.

Even before this happens, the group sometimes split up to look for clues. No, it’s not the dumb horror trope about not staying together. They are actually supposed to do this.

Whatever happens though, the audience is always with Alexandra (or Alex). She’s the one who doesn’t really care for horror movies, but she’s damn good at solving puzzles. And while she’s not a horror movie fan, she definitely doesn’t scare easily. Not by the other contestants anyway.

Alex is played by Marcienne Dwyer and she is absolutely brilliant. She is completely laid back in her portrayal and across from some of the more extreme characters, she seems very real. She’s the perfect horror final girl, so hopefully we’ll see more of Marcienne Dwyer in future horror movies.

Brilliant horror movie concept

The very idea of building Ruin Me around the “Slasher Sleepout” game is perfect. I mean it’s described as “The Ultimate Horror Movie Experience” and is part camping trip, part haunted house, and part escape room. All rolled into one extreme 36-hour event.

I know lots of horror fans who would love to try this out. Camping isn’t really my thing, but still, this sounds pretty cool!

Ruin Me was written by Trysta A. Bissett and the director of the movie, Preston DeFrancis. Trysta A. Bissett has written for a few projects in the past, and often with DeFrancis, but this is her first feature film.

Preston DeFrancis has four short films under his belt as a director, but this is his feature debut. I am very impressed and genuinely loved Ruin Me.

There are elements reminiscent of The Unraveling, but this is only a compliment to both movies. In no way are they similar in style or story in general. Read our review of The Unraveling here >

The only thing I could’ve done without in Ruin Me is the final plot twist. For me, the movie was stronger without it – even though it does make for an awesome final scene.


Director: Preston DeFrancis
Writers: Trysta A. Bissett, Preston DeFrancis
Cast: Marcienne Dwyer, Matt Dellapina, Chris Hill


Welcome to Slasher Sleepout: The Ultimate Horror Movie Experience. It’s part camping trip, part haunted house, and part escape room, all rolled into one extreme 36-hour event. Six strangers are hooded, dropped in the middle of the woods, and must navigate increasingly strange and dangerous mysteries. Alexandra, the only participant who has never even seen a horror film, reluctantly tags along with her boyfriend. But one by one, the other campers meet grisly fates, and Alex must unravel the mystery of who’s responsible if she wants to have any hope of survival.

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