CREEPSHOW season 2 is beginning on Shudder and opens with a gorgeous horror bang. The stories in episodes 1 and 2 should make most horror fans squeal with glee. Especially Evil Dead fans. Read our review of the Creepshow season 2 opening here – and find it on Shudder now!

CREEPSHOW season 2 is beginning on Shudder and fans of the series should be very happy with the first two episodes of this season. It is chockful of iconic horror references. From the very old monsters and creature features to the Evil Dead franchise.

It’s no secret that I love kitsch and campy productions and Creepshow always delivers on this. With both episode 1 and episode 2 of season 2, it does this better (and more?!) than ever.

Continue reading our review of the Creepshow season 2 opening episodes below. This season is shaping up very nicely.

Creepshow Season 2 Episode 1

The first story of season 2 is “Model Kid” which should hit home with those of you that grew up loving horror. A little trip down memory lane in a story that is as much Spielberg as it is Carpenter and Romero.

Okay, honestly, those references are probably way too new for the story in this episode, but you get the gist, I hope.

Also, I don’t know what it is about Kevin Dillon (The Blob) but he is just brilliant at portraying characters you want to smack upside the head. He is the perfect “Uncle from Hell” and does everything right (in the wrong ways) in this Creepshow episode.

Plot for “Model Kid”

A 12-year-old monster fan turns to hand-built model kits to escape his unhappy reality.

Directed by Greg Nicotero and written by John Esposito (Graveyard Shift)
Stars Brock Duncan, Tyner Rushing, Jana Allen, Kevin Dillon

Creepshow Season 2 – Shudder Review

The second story in season 2

After the strong and nostalgic opening story in “Model Kid”, get ready for a different kind of trip down memory lane. From the most gentle and wonderful Bob Ross clone straight into the world of Evil Dead.

The story is building up as the stage is set for the moment to set it all off; Ted Raimi brings a family heirloom to an antic show. It’s a book bound in a strange kind of “leather”. Unfortunately, the expert opens the book and starts reading from it despite Ted Raimi’s rather meek objections and we’re off to an Evil Dead story.

It’s all kinds of awesome. Also, the Bob Ross copy-character is played so wonderfully by Mark Ashworth (Along Came the Devil) that he ends up being my favorite part of the episode!

Plot for “Public Television of the Dead”

A number of public access programs are on the verge of being shut down for good, with the appraisal of an antique book breathing new life into the channel in a number of unexpected and deadly ways.

Directed by Greg Nicotero and written by Rob Schrab (Monster House)
Stars Ted Raimi, Mark Ashworth, Marissa Hampton, Coley Campany

Episode 1 of CREEPSHOW season 2 will premiere exclusively on Shudder on April 1, 2021.

Creepshow Season 2 Episode 2

The second episode tackles a few different niches in the world of horror. Once again, it hits the nail on the proverbial head perfectly.

The first story in episode 2 deals with the true-crime fascination, which has also become a huge tourism attraction. Actually, this has probably been the case for many years, but Dead & Breakfast combines this with the whole “social media influencer” part of the internet.

Fortunately, the influencer isn’t some stereotypical joke in this story. That would have been too easy. Instead, she’s a young woman who really knows her true crime facts. No, the crazy people in this episode are the ones who own a bed and breakfast and tries to get guests based on the fact that their grandmother was a serial killer.

Ali Larter (Final Destination) is perfect as the owner of the bed and breakfast, who is frankly quite bitter that grandma isn’t being respected for her serial killer ways. C. Thomas Howell (The Hitcher) plays her brother, who comes across as quite a dork. Finally, the true-crime vlogger is portrayed wonderfully by Iman Benson.

Plot for “Dead & Breakfast”

A true-crime vlogger stays at a haunted bed and breakfast.

Directed by Axelle Carolyn and written by Michael Rousselet & Erik Sandoval
Stars Ali Larter, C. Thomas Howell, Iman Benson

Creepshow Season 2 – Shudder Review

A familiar face in a very different role

If you’re watching The Walking Dead, then you will definitely recognize the star of the second story in episode 2. It’s Josh McDermitt who many will know as Eugene with the mullet from the long-running zombie series. In the “Pesticide” story of Creepshow, he plays a very different kind of character.

In fact, his voice was what immediately made me recognize him. He is a disgusting and very unlikable character in this story and Josh McDermitt plays the character brilliantly. I won’t say too much about this episode except that it maintains the very high level of this Shudder series, so just sit back and enjoy!

Plot for “Pesticide”

An exterminator makes an infernal bargain.

Directed by Greg Nicotero and written by Frank Dietz
Stars Josh McDermitt, Keith David, Ashley Laurence

Episode 2 of CREEPSHOW season 2 will premiere exclusively on Shudder on April 8, 2021.

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