GLITCH Season 3 is out on Netflix. Finally, we get the third and final season of the Australian sci-fi drama which has garnered a cult-like following. We’re so ready for it but you might need a recap unless you’ve rewatched previous seasons. More in our Glitch review here!

Glitch is out on Netflix with season 3, which is also its final season. The series is in the sci-fi and drama genres, but it does also touch on both thriller and even horror as well. In other words, it’s perfect for us here at Heaven of Horror.

The Australian series seems to have accumulated somewhat of a cult following with people still discovering it all the time. Once you start watching, it does tend to grab you with both its awesome premise and the emotions this brings forth for various reasons.

Season 3 of Glitch is no exception. Especially when episode 1 opens with two brand new characters. I loved both of them right away and the stories of their lives are very interesting. To say the least!

One of these new characters even has a past that ties into the life of another character from the series. Without saying too much, I can reveal that it’s a character that died in season 2. Also, in flashbacks we’ll get to see this person at another age than we previously have.

Read more in our full Glitch season 3 review below and then check it out on Netflix.

A very bingeworthy Netflix series

If you’re not familiar with Glitch, I highly recommend checking out season 1 and season 2. Both are on Netflix now, so you can binge the entire series once you get hooked.

Those of us who have been following the Australian series since it began on Netflix back in 2016 will probably need to be reminded of events from the previous two seasons. I know I certainly did. For some reason, I hadn’t even considered rewatching past episodes, which would have been a good idea.

Afterall, season 2 was released on Netflix back in the fall of 2017, so we’ve waited almost two years for this ending to come along.

Just as it was the case with the brilliant Netflix series Dark, there are a lot of characters and various plots you need to get back into quickly. Also, Dark was another series where we had to wait almost two years for the continuation.

I recommend checking out Glitch recaps or summaries on Wikipedia to be reminded of past storylines. That’s what I did and it helped me get back into the weird world of Glitch.

You’re bound to find favorite characters rather quickly and most viewers should be able to relate to at least one of them. This alone is enough to draw you in and once you get hooked on this series, you’ll probably feel compelled to binge it. I certainly never could watch it slowly to make it last longer.

Glitch Season 3 Review Netflix Series

The ending of Glitch

A lot of Glitch fans have been waiting quite some time for the ending of the series. It was revealed that season 3 would be the final season, so we’ve all been looking forward to getting a lot of things explained. Along with getting the answers to some big questions.

We don’t do spoilers here at Heaven of Horror (unless we do an actual “ending explained” feature), so I won’t get into the ending of Glitch too much here. All fans of the series will want to watch it for themselves anyway.

I will, however, say that this final season picks up right after season 2. Also, it follows up on a lot of past storylines quite early on. In terms of the bigger reveals, you’ll have to wait a while.

However, there are just six episodes in this final season of Glitch, so you should be able to watch it without being spoiled first. If you just get started now, anyway.

Watch Glitch season 3 on Netflix now!

As mentioned in the above, this third and final season of Glitch has six episodes. This might not sound like much, but both season 1 and season 2 only had six episodes as well. If you’re new to Glitch, you just need to watch 18 episodes and you’ve binged the entire series.

The creators of Glitch are Tony Ayres and Louise Fox. Tony Ayres is also the creator of the adventure horror series Nowhere Boys (2013-2018) while Louise Fox wrote on season 1 of the UK Crime series hit Broadchurch.  

The director of almost all the episodes in the entire series is Emma Freeman. She directed 15 of all 18 episodes, while Tony Krawitz directed three episodes in season 2 to round out the series.

I think most fans of this Australian sci-fi series should enjoy the final season, but of course, there is a lot to explain and just six episodes to do it. That doesn’t leave much time to delve into everything, but I think Glitch manages to deliver what most fans are wanting.

Season 3 of Glitch is out on Netflix from September 25, 2019.


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