CREEPSHOW season 3 is beginning on Shudder and this time we are very underwhelmed. The stories in episode 1 of Season 3 are just not very good. And the acting in the first story leaves a lot to be desired in some cases. Read our review of the Creepshow season 3 premiere here!

CREEPSHOW season 3 is premiering on Shudder this week and we were really looking forward to this one. Season 2 began with a very strong episode, so we were excited about watching this season 3 opening.


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Unfortunately, our expectations quickly turned into wonder instead. And not in any good way. Instead, we found ourselves wondering what had gone wrong. The first story does have quite a lot going for it, but the acting from the main character is completely off. The second story is quite the mess, but at least the acting is decent.

Continue reading our review of the Creepshow season 3 premiere below. We’re really hoping this first episode isn’t indicative of what’s to come.

Creepshow Season 3 Episode 1

The first story of season 3 is “Mums” which sounds interesting on paper (and is based on a Joe Hill short story), but it just did not work for me at all. While I am often the one to defend child actors, because I find many of them brilliant, that’s not the case here. In fact, I have no idea why Brayden Benson (Tag) was cast in the lead.

He has one expression and looks like he almost can’t stop smiling or laughing at strange times. And no, it isn’t part of this character. Having said that, it is the job of the director to make sure it works – just as was the case with American Horror Stories.

Unless something else is at work, I have no clue why director Rusty Cundieff (who also directed on season 2) couldn’t get a better performance from the young actor. Ethan Embry (The Devil’s Candy) was awesome in this episode, but he could not save the overall result.

Plot for “Mums”

Jack’s life is upended when his mother is taken from him, but her garden leaves him more to remember her by than he first thought.

Directed by Rusty Cundieff and written by Greg Nicotero (based on a short story by Joe Hill)
Stars: Brayden Benson, Ethan Embry, Erin Beute, Lowrey Brown, Malone Thomas

The second story in the season 3 premiere of Creepshow

After the strong interesting Joe Hill-based story in Mums which opens episode 1, we move on to Queen Bee. I instinctively like the title since it reminds me both of Beyonce and The Babysitter sequel. However, while the effects were pretty cool (okay, very cool), the story in this second part of the episode was just very basic.

It felt like something I had seen and heard before. Only this time, every single character was irritating. At least the actors did deliver solid performances. However, everything from the writing to the setting was just off. Like an 80s straight-to-video movie. And not in any cool retro way. Just in a fairly drab way.

Plot for “Queen Bee

Trenice and her friends are obsessed with pop star Regina. When they hear she has been admitted to a local hospital, they take the chance to try to meet Regina in person… but she’s even more larger-than-life than they imagined.

Directed by Greg Nicotero and written by Erik Sandoval & Michael Rousellet
Stars Kaelyn Gobert-Harris, Olivia Hawthorne, Nico Gomez, Hannah Kepple, Monica Louwerens

Watch the Creepshow season 3 premiere on Shudder

I think it’s pretty obvious from the above words that I was not impressed. In fact, I found myself getting a bit angry because I have come to expect good things from the Creepshow series.

Also, I loved the animated special (review here) and enjoyed the Holiday special, but the actual season is always a treat that lasts longer over a few weeks. Right now, I just find myself desperately hoping that episode 2 will be better. We’ll be back with a review for episode 2 as well, so we can hopefully have redemption for this little horror show.


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Bottom line: I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed with a season-opening than the one for Creepshow season 3.

Episode 1 of CREEPSHOW season 3 will premiere exclusively on Shudder on September 23, 2021.

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